Swiss Inspector Hans Knaus

“Cretton” is a name used by Richard Marquise to write about a Swiss Police Inspector. There are some reasons to believe that he is Inspector Hans Knaus.

Cretton* expressed his concerns and those of Edwin Bollier (MEBO Ltd.) The first was that the CIA had planted the chip [PT/35(b)] in the wreckage found at Lockerbie. Henderson and I told him this thought had also crossed our minds. Neither of us believed the CIA or any government official would do such a thing, but we had discussed the possibility.  […] Although it [PT/35(b] had been located early on in the search, the piece of cloth [PI/995]in which it had been blasted was not examined until a year after the attack.

SCOTBOM: Evidence and the Lockerbie Investigation. Page 105

FBI Special Agent Richard A. Marquise (Head of the US Lockerbie Task Force)


By the way…

Please take one minute to compare Marquise’s statement regarding PT/35(b)  with the official timeline narrated by Lord Boyd. Any comment?

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