Considering the Poindexter MEMO, I believe that the description of this event must be taken with a grain of salt.

During the summer [July] of 1986, Togo’s Interior Minister Kpotiri lade said that his country’s security forces had thwarted an international terrorist attack on the United states Embassy in Lomé, the capital of the former French colony in West Africa, which is situated on the Gulf of Guinea.

Lade said that two suitcases, which were loaded with explosives, an automatic pistol, and three grenades, were intercepted. These containers had been sent from Libya to its embassy in Cotonu, the capital of neighboring Benin, and the transshipped to Togo. [1]

The Interior Minister, Kpotivi Tevi-Djidjogbe Lacle, did not say how authorities had learned that the United States Embassy was the target of the attack. [2]

Keep in mind that PT/35(b) was matched to one of two  MST-13 timers found in Togo in the fall of 1986. The story of these two timers has been shrouded in mystery.

If you have any information regarding this event, I would greatly appreciate if you could communicate it to me.


[1] Antiterrorist Initiatives, John B. Wolf

[2] Togolese Thwart Plan To Attack U.S. Embassy

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