Q&A #003: K1 – CIA REPORT dated 1988?

On 20 April 2015,  I posted the full report of the CIA concerning the MST-13 timer allegedly found in Togo.

Craig M. asked the following questions:

Is there any evidence or explanation why CIA complied a report in 1988 of a timer that was allegedly found and received by CIA around September 1986?

It appears a considerable period of time to complete a nine [9] page report. Keeping in mind, by all accounts, the noted parties supposedly took great interest in said item[s] in 1986.

The reference states ’88SP006′. What does this mean ?


The title ’88SP006′ means the following: It is the sixth Special Project issued during fiscal year 1988. (The United States federal government’s fiscal year is the 12-month period ending on 30 September of that year, having begun on 1 October of the previous calendar year. Wikipedia)

The author [John Orkin*] of this report claimed (during Crown precognition) that he had obtained the MST-13 timer from the BATF in October 1987. He also stated that the report was issued in February 1988. How and when this timer ended in the hands of the CIA is actually unclear. Orkin’s explanation disagrees with the account given by others. It is at odds with the explanation given by Richard Sherrow.

Keep these questions in mind. We will discuss these issues in great details in about two months.

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