Dr. Jim Swire and John Ashton are two of the most knowledgeable persons about the Lockerbie case. I am glad to announce that they have both kindly accepted to be interviewed for this blog.


Dr. Jim Swire



John Ashton

These interviews will focus on the story of the MST-13 timers allegedly found in Togo by US officials after the September 1986 attempted coup.

But before we can enjoy their views on this subject, we still have a bit of homework to do.

Namely, one must listen carefully to the testimonies of the US officials (Sherrow, Owen, Casey) who discovered these timers in Togo.

We must then learn about the visit of the Lockerbie investigators to Lomé.

Next, we will review the particularly strange allegations made by Richard Sherrow regarding the origin of the MST-13 timer that he “brought back” from Togo to the BATF laboratory.

And finally, we will investigate how this timer went from the BATF lab to the CIA.

Stay tuned!

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