D.S. Peter Avent: No MST-13 from Togo.

In September 1990, Detective Sergeant Peter Avent went on a mission to Togo. He was joined by Detective Inspector Watson McAteer and FBI agent Craig Bates.

“I was sent out to view those weapons and also to show the authorities these photographs of the timer we thought had been used in the Lockerbie incident.” Peter Avent [1]

The link between PT/35(b) and the MST-13 timers had just been established.

The inspectors had travelled to Lomé, capital of Togo, to better understand the circumstances surrounding the appearance of the two MST-13 timers discovered among the weapons and material seized from the rebels in the attempted coup of September 1986.

President Eyadema and his chief of Police, Colonel Walla, welcome them and showed them one of the seized timers.

That is already a bit of a surprise because one of the two MST-13 timers had been taken back to the US by Sherrow and the other had been given to the French!

The timer showed does not resemble in any way to a MST-13 timer. (Well, except, maybe, to a Lockerbie Trial judge…) Moreover, it bears the name “FLASH”.

The inspectors went on to view the hut in which all the material seized from the rebels had been displayed on tables. Everything was still laid out exactly the way it was when BATF Sherrow and his colleagues had visited the place four years earlier. And lo and behold, they could indeed locate a second identical “FLASH” timer on the table.

D.I. McAteer decided to show the president, his chief of Police and the officer in charge of the coup investigation (Colonel Assih) some pictures of the MST-13 timer that Sherrow had taken back to the US.

The three men categorically stated that they had NEVER seen such a device before!

By the way, this is the table where I believe the two “FLASH” timers can be seen on various photos and videos.



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1 Response to D.S. Peter Avent: No MST-13 from Togo.

  1. Allan Croft says:

    The M.E.B.O. timer’s where made of tin & lead mix where PT35 where made out of pure TIN the only firm’s who where making board’s/wiring like that was in the U.S.A as they where tining weak wire/boards in aircraft wiring/boards to make them stronger as wiring/boards where suffering cracking causing aircraft to crash.


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