Building the MST-13 Timers. Solving a 30 years Old Mystery.

“You have hit upon a potential mystery, which I did not explore in the book, because, by the time Megrahi went home, we had not gained disclosure of the necessary material. The Togo timer and the two control samples provided by Mebo (DP/100 & DP/111) all contained 304 crystals, yet the ones ordered from Compona were 303.”

John Ashton. Email to the author dated 08/05/2012

The disagreement between the reference number of the quartz quoted in the invoices (as well as in the 1983 SARONIX catalogue) and the quartz mounted on the MST-13 from Togo has been known to me for quite some years.

A few years ago, Swiss investigative journalist Otto Hostettler called Ulrich Lumpert and asked him about this issue while he was researching an article that he published for the  BEOBATCHER in 2012. [1]

Lumpert told him that he really wanted the “4.194304” quartz for the MST-13 timer project because its size was convenient.

Then, last month, I decided to go straight to COMPONA AG and find out what they had to say. Again, my good friend Otto volunteered to call the owner of the company, who has been leading the company since the 80s

Otto asked about the difference between the quartz used in the Togo-timer and the one mentioned in both invoices of the quartz delivered to MEBO.

After looking at the 1985 catalogue, the owner of COMPONA, Urs Horat, confirmed that the quartz delivered to MEBO had  a  frequency of 4.194304 MHz. There could be no doubt about it.

Although they already relied on computer-made invoices in 1985, there was a mistake on both invoices because of an encoding error. That error was also printed in the SARONIX catalogue.


Page from the 1985 COMPONA AG Catalogue

Page from the 1985 COMPONA AG Catalogue


Dimension of the quartz

Dimension of the quartz


And it was just a computer glitch… Oh well, this would have been too easy!

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1. Lockerbie Steckte wirklich Libyen dahinter?

SARONIX Quartz Data sheet (1998)

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1 Response to Building the MST-13 Timers. Solving a 30 years Old Mystery.

  1. Allan says:

    Did Turling use American glass cloth 7628 fiberglass on the MST 13 ,timer circuit board???? as if they did it was manufactured by the Hexel Corporation of Texas the tin soldier is made in Taiwan for radio shack.


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