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The Senegal Timer: Introduction

During the night of 19 to 20 February 1988, two Libyan citizens and one Senegalese man were arrested upon their arrival at Dakar airport, Senegal. An “anonymous caller” had warned the Authorities that the three men were carrying  weapons and … Continue reading

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PT/35(b): A US $ 2.7 Billion Forgery

In March  1992, Dr Johnson published a devastating report ( DJR 218 ) that totally destroyed the case against Megrahi and indeed Libya. Dr Johnson did a very carefull analysis of the surface of PT/35(b) and a control sample of … Continue reading

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The Togo Coup: Videos Archive from the INA

You will find four videos of the “1986 Togo Coup” from the “Institut National des Archives” ( on the following page. The Togo timers : Videos Archive Page Keep in mind that the attempted coup occurred on 23 September 1986. The … Continue reading

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SCCRC: Undisclosed protectively marked documents

The Chapter 25 of the SCCRC Report is particularly difficult to read as it deals with two protectively marked documents. These documents were examined by a member of the Commission’s enquiry team whose notes are currently in the possession of … Continue reading

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Libya, Cia and the Media

So true… Don’t you think?

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MST-13: Richard Sherrow’s Strange Story

John Ashton has uncovered a truly bizarre story. (See Cover-up of Convenience, p 269) “According to American investigative Journalist Don Devereux, Richard Sherrow passed him an A4 sized envelope containing a number of colour photographs mounted on a sheet of … Continue reading

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D.S. Avent & D.I. McAteer: Memories from Togo

“At 1100 am that date (20 September 1990), Agent Craig Bates, Mr. Gurney, Detective Inspector McAteer and myself travelled to the Palace of the President of the Republic of Togo, Gnassinghe Eyedema (not a witness). We were shown two briefcases … Continue reading

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