Building the MST-13 Timers. Solving a 30 years Old Mystery. UPDATE. NEWS from Edwin Bollier (MEBO)

Last night, Edwin Bollier, co-founder and owner of MEBO TELECOM, has sent me two documents that are relevant to a recent post concerning the exact reference of the quartz used in the MST-13 timers.

On 12 October 1990,  Swiss Inspector H. Knaus requested that  MEBO provides two MST13 timers for the Lockerbie investigation.


To build these two new timers, MEBO had to reorder some components including the   quartz NYP 041-12. Again, they ordered it from COMPONA AG.


The invoice does not quote the exact frequency. But there is no doubt that this quartz (NYP 041-12) is indeed a 4.194304 as can be seen on the picture of the control sample.


DP/111. Control Sample of the MST-13 timers delivered to Libya.




DP/111. Magnification of the quartz


Although quartz with a 4.194303 MHz frequency exist, SARONIX has never produced a NYMPH quartz with this frequency. The NYP 041-12 is a 4.194304 MHz frequency. This issue is now solved and behind us.

I would like to thank Edwin Bollier for sending me this information. In the meanwhile, I have learned from COMPONA AG (thanks again to Otto Hostettler) that this issue was never investigated. No one (CIA, FBI, BKA, Swiss or Scottish Police) has ever asked a question about this rather obvious problem.

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Building the MST-13 Timers. Solving a 30 years Old Mystery.

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