Lockerbie Trial: Men in Robes… And on the Ropes

As we are reviewing the trial evidence of the three Americans who allegedly examined two MST-13 timers in Togo in the fall of 1986 and brought one back to the US, it may be a good time to reflect on the legal lineup.


Lord Sutherland was the presiding judge at the Lockerbie trial, sitting with Lord Coulsfield and Lord MacLean. Lord Abernethy was an additional judge.

At the Lockerbie trial, the judges heard 229 prosecution witnesses and three defence witnesses; they reviewed 2,488 pieces of evidence. The transcripts fill up 10,232 pages of evidence amounting to more than 3m words. The total cost of trial has been estimated at £ 60m.

And what do these three judges write as the first sentence of the Court Opinion?

“[1] At 1903 hours on 22 December 1988 Pan Am flight 103 fell out of the sky.”

“Getting the date of the disaster wrong in the first sentence of the judgement was an accurate reflection of the quality of what was to follow.” Professor Robert Black


Lockerbie trial in statistics

Opinion of the Court

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2 Responses to Lockerbie Trial: Men in Robes… And on the Ropes

  1. Craig says:

    Please find Youtube video of Richard Marquise ‘lecture’ with reference to forensics and the importance of detail with regard to a case.
    Words fail me to describe how embarrassing this lecture is and unfortunately, how a professional investigator appears to be completely convinced on a one track explanation.
    In my view, it is extremely defensive salesman trying one’s best to convince an unobliging audience of the absolutely amazing differing connections to circularly complete ‘evidence’.

    During this lecture in 2009, Richard Marquise even continues the proven unreliable and unbelievable ‘Walter Mitty’ described evidence of CIA representative ‘Gaika’.

    Richard Marquise – Trace Evidence 2009 : PanAm Flight 103

    At 31:00 minutes of the lecture – Richard Marquise discusses PT35[b].

    At 33:00 minutes of the lecture – Photo DP/111 PP8932 is shown and described as photo of 1988 Senegal timer [Photo appears under laboratory conditions].
    *** Is it possible to produce photo DP/111 PP8932 on this website for comparison ?

    At 33:08 minutes of the lecture – Screen shot;
    “One timer ‘recovered’ in Togo, September 1986” ??
    “One timer ‘recovered’ in Senegal, February 1988” ??


  2. Ted Smith says:

    28:15 “He couldnt sell the [harris tweed] jacket – Malta has a temperate climate”

    Malta gets surprisingly cold ( and damp) in the winter. Having spent time there, I can wholly endorse a Harris tweed jacket as an absolutely essential item for your wardrobe.


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