Investigation of Terrorist Activity in Lome, Togo : The US Report

On 7 October 1986, James Casey wrote a report entitled: “Investigation of the “Terrorist Activity in Lome, Togo”.

This report is quite interesting!


So far, we had been told that two people from BATF and one from the Department of State had travelled to Togo. It seems someone has been forgotten…


Remember that Sherrow was asked a simple question?

2            Q    Thank you.  Did you go on your own, Mr.

3  Sherrow?

4            A    No, I didn’t.  I went with a delegation

5  of another person from our department and a gentleman

6  from the State Department.

7            Q    Was there a gentleman by the name of

8  Mr. Owen with you?

9            A    Yes, sir.

10            Q    Was he the gentlemen from your own

11  department?

12            A    Yes, he was.

13            Q    And did you also go in the company of a

14  gentleman by the name of Mr. Casey?

15            A    Yes, I did.

Why did Richard Sherrow “forget” that he had travelled to Togo with a person from the Central Intelligence Agency?

To be continued…

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