PT/35(b): What is New?

Our Blog PT/35(b) is about one month old. It is young but growing and steadily taking shape. You can follow us on Facebook!


The MST-13 Timer section is basically done. I will soon draft a summary. There remain some dark areas but we have a good picture of what has been constructed and when. The delivery dates and the exact number of timers supplied will probably never be accurately known.

The Togo story still need a bit of work. I hope to finish it before the end of this month. Once all the facts have been presented, I will try to make some sense of them. Again, the exact truth may never be known, but we have plenty to work with.

There are – at least – seven more sections to discuss and I hope to progress at the rate of one section per month. I should therefore be able to wrap up this project by the end of this year.

Finally, the basic structure of the blog is now in place and most importantly, the readers are doing a great job sending comments, ideas and recommending videos.

Thank you!

Ludwig De Braeckeleer

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