BATF Richard Sherrow: MST-13 Togo pics taken… in Washington

Here is an amazing revelation/correction made my Richard Sherrow.

On Tuesday 17/08/99, and within my hotel room at the Grand Hyatt, Washington DC, I was met by the Police witness DC Kenneth G Bell, Dumfries and Galloway constabulary, Scotland, and Special Agent Chris Murray, Federal Bureau of Investigation, USA.

I then handed DC Bell the referred album of photographs (DE 33).

I should like to add at this time that photograph / view numbers pertaining to Views 42, 43, 44, and 45 were all taken by myself within the Bureau of ATF Headquarters, Washington DC.

I have previously mentioned taking these particular photographs in Lomé, Togo, but this is not the case.

Richard Sherrow; Police Statement S5757


DE33- 43/44/45

DE33- 43/44/45



Sherrow goes on to say that all pictures of the MST-13 timer were taken within the Bureau of ATF Headquarters, Washington DC.


Richard Sherrow: Police Statement S5757


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1 Response to BATF Richard Sherrow: MST-13 Togo pics taken… in Washington

  1. Craig says:

    WOWSER !
    This is incredulous and even more so, amazingly late revelation by Sherrow, clearly got cold feet at the handover point.

    Issues of concern;
    1. Clearly, previously all parties were told the photos were taken in Togo.
    2. Sherrow stating on more than one occasion they were ‘his’ photos from ‘his’ camera and he owns them from ‘his’ collection of both Togo & ATF Headquarters, Washington DC.
    3. On what procedural, evidential and compliance basis was a Government Official running around both Togo and ATF Headquarters apparently snapping away with his own camera for his noted ‘private collection’ and then having said photos developed and retained off site ?
    Evidently, ATF have similar breakdowns of procedures and compliance as FBI laboratory colleagues.
    4. I’m amazed that it appears Scottish Police Officer Kenneth G Bell didn’t appropriately pass this information on to the Crown and there wasn’t an appropriate disclosure about the photos, either their previous incorrect allocation to Togo and their irregular off site retention and storage.
    5. Looking back at the Owen evidence, it seems Owen identified timer photos from ‘Togo’ which completely contradict Sherrow statement they were all taken at ATF Washington DC.
    6. Sherrow also states seven [7] photos 47-53 of MST-13 timer were all taken at ATF Washington, it does now seem of every photo presented as the ‘Togo’ timer, by deduction, there are not any photos at all of a said timer in Togo.

    7. Also begs the question – Where are Owens’ photographs ?


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