McAteer Precognition: Flash Timers… But No MST-13 Timers

On 02/09/1999, Andrew McAteer made the following statements.

I am a Chief Superintendent in the Lothian & Borders Police currently seconded as Staff Officer to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, 2 Greenside Lane, Edinburgh.

I am 46 years of age and have completed 27 years police service.


On 18th September, 1990, accompanied by Detective Sergeant Peter Avent, I travelled to Togo, via Ghana and we were accompanied there by Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Craig Bates.

Our reason for visiting Togo was that between July and September, 1986 there had been an attempted coup in that Country, thought to have been backed by the Libyans.

The equipment that the perpetrators had been using had been seized and I had been led to believe that an MST-13 Timer was amongst the property taken.

I had been informed that an MST-13 Timer had been used in the Lockerbie Incident and I was in possession of a photograph of an MST-13 Timer.

I was shown a large amount of military vehicles and hardware that had been seized by the Togo Government following this attempted Coup, but saw that what the perpetrators had intended to use were flash timers, which bear absolutely no relation to MST-13 Timers.

On 29th September, 1990 Detective Sergeant Avent and I returned to Scotland. I continued with the General Inquiry Team attached to the Lockerbie Control Centre monitoring inquiries in an administration role on a day to day basis.


Beside the obvious fact that McAteer no longer believe in the story of the MST-13 timers, I would like to make two comments.

Suddenly, the Coup is linked to Libya. A fact that I do not believe any serious historian has ever argued.

But most importantly, the two events of July 23 and September 23 have been repacked into a single event… Pretty smart hey?

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