Timeline 1986: “Libyan Terrorism” Disinformation Op

Bernard Kalb resigned today (08 October 1986) as chief spokesman for Secretary of State George P. Shultz in protest of the government’s disinformation program directed at Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi. (…) He said his choice was to remain at the department and vanish into acquiescence or to quit in protest.” LA Times (See video)

President Reagan consults bipartisan Congress members about the strike.

President Reagan consults bipartisan Congress members about the strike.

05 April 1986

La Belle Disco bombing; Reagan accuses Libya

Evidence:  a pair of intercepted cable transmissions from the Libyan People’s Bureau–its embassy–in East Berlin.

A witness names the cables’ recipient as Said Rashid. (This is the “Said Rashid” who allegedly ordered the MST-13 timers from MEBO. Bollier claims that he delivered the first series of MST-13 timers to Rashid in Libya sometimes between September and November 1985. Bollier’s passport has no Libya entry stamp for this period.)

Germany Finally to Try ’86 Disco Bombing Case

“The despicable attack in Berlin fits the pattern of increased Libyan activities including Rome and Vienna. We have suspicions that this bombing is part of that pattern.” Bernard Kalb. See Video

German authorities do not support this theory. Christian Lochte, Head of the Hamburg Branch of the BfV speaks on TV the next week: “I cannot rule out that Libya, in some way, is responsible. But I must say that such hasty blame regarding Rome and Vienna, for which Libya had immediately been made responsible, did not prove to be correct.”

Here is the TIMELINE-1986 page

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