Togo: The “French” MST-13 Timer

There is really not much that we know about the second timer allegedly discovered in Togo. Keep in mind that there is no picture of these timers together or a picture of any of them with a background that would locate it in Togo.

The French supposedly took the second MS-13 timer. Although there is evidence that
the French authorities had an unboxed MST-13, which was passed on to Detective Inspector William Williamson in 1999, there is no paperwork to prove that they obtained this timer from the Togolese authorities.

It is fair to say that our entire knowledge of this second timer comes from a single sentence of John Ashton’s recent book: “Megrahi: You are My jury.”

John Ashton writes:

“The other timer eventually found its way into the hands of the French Intelligence Service.” (Page 65)

According to Sherrow’s trial evidence, the timer was:

“Handed over by Judge Bruguiere, Paris, Ministry of Justice on 27/10/1999.”

NB. Yes, judge Bruguiere. The very same judge who worked with FBI Thomas Thurman to blame Libya for the UTA Flight 772. The Evidence? A small part of a circuit board (with the name of the Taiwanese manufacturer printed on it!) sold to Libya.  And Thurman is of course the “Genius” who identified PT/35(b)… Do you see a pattern here?

On 13th February 2000, Allen Feraday received the “French” timer from DC M Stryjewski of the Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary. It is labelled DP 544.

The "French" Timer

The “French” Timer

Feraday‘s report dated 24th February 2000 states that:

DP544 and DP84 (The US Timer aka K1) are virtually identical.

Main Board of the "French" Timer

Main Board of the “French” Timer

Notice that the construction is indeed entirely similar to K1. For instance, you can see the jump wire repairs, the variable capacitor soldered “diagonally” to the pin of the IC, the tombstone resistors…


1) Despite MEBO being totally scratched from the small board, Feraday explains how he could read it without any difficulty. Why could he then not do it for K1?

2) A page from a March 2000 Report from Dundee University about PT/35(b) is added to Feraday’s Report. That page shows a SEM spectrum of the circuit tracks. It shows a prominent TIN peak and no Lead peak. What is this page doing here?


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Feraday: Report on the “French” Timer

Callisti: Description of the MST-13



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