The Togo Coup: Videos Archive from the INA

You will find four videos of the “1986 Togo Coup” from the “Institut National des Archives” ( on the following page.

The Togo timers : Videos Archive Page

Weapons Seized from the Rebels

News: 25/09/1986

Keep in mind that the attempted coup occurred on 23 September 1986. The US investigative team left Washington DC on 27/09/1986 and returned on 04/10/1986. [1]

The first three videos were broadcasted on 25, 27 and 28 September 1986. The last one was aired on 12 November 1986.

Both Sherrow and Casey stated that they did not have access to these weapons before the third day of their visit. So the first three videos were shot before the US team had access to this material.

Let me know if you notice a MST-13 timer. Or a FLASH timer.




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