The Senegal Timer: Interview of Colonel Babacar Gaye

On 18/07/1990, DI William Williamson interviewed Babacar Gaye, a Senegalese “Colonel de Gendarmerie”, regarding the arrests made at Dakar Airport on the 20th February 1988.


Colonel Gaye confirmed that two Libyan nationals (El saber and El Marzouk) as well as a Senegalese person (Niasse) were arrested on that night.

Colonel Gaye told DI Williamson that:

“Niasse when interviewed claimed that both MARZOUK and SABER were terrorists and that he had been asked to set them up. Niasse however refused to disclose his contact who had been acting on his behalf.”

Colonel Gaye then added the following:

“The Americans knew all about this operation and were in Senegal. The CIA have seen all the items recovered from the three persons. They carried out their examinations of these items here in Senegal and took photographs of them. Those ones that you have shown me. They carried out detailed examinations of these items and at the end of it said the material was defective.”

“The French also arrived and they too carried out detailed examination of and spent 2 days sifting through them and at the end appeared to be of the same opinion as the Americans that the material was defective.”


Note. On page 224 of his book, FBI Richard Marquise, who led the US side of the Lockerbie investigation, wrote: “Saber denied knowing […] Ahmed Khalifa Niasse, another LIBYAN allegedly involved in the plot to smuggle weapons in Senegal. ” Attention to details?


Wikipedia: Babacar Gaye


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