The Togo Timers: Interview with John Ashton. Part III

On 3 June 2015, I had the opportunity to discuss with our friend John Ashton the summary of our investigation regarding the two timers allegedly recovered in Togo during an attempted coup in September 1986.


You will find the Summary and the Timeline on these pages:

The Togo Timers

Timeline 1986

In Part I of the interview, John comments on the general issues surrounding the events that occurred in Togo in July and September 1986. Namely, he speaks about the critical role that PT/35(b) and K1 (The Togo timer allegedly brought back to the US) played in the investigation, as well as the historical context and some geopolitical issues relevant to the case.

In Part II, the discussion focusses on the events of 23/06/1986 (Attempted bombing of the US Embassy in Lomé) and the attempted coup of 23/09/1986. We speak about the photos taken by the US investigation team as well as the report written by James Casey (U.S. Department of State).

In Part III, we talk about the Lockerbie investigation in Togo, the timers K1 and its French twin, James Casey’s recollection of these events and his suspicious FD302, the puzzling visit of Avent and McAteer to Togo and the allegation made by Richard Sherrow.

Here is the third part of this interview:

To be continued.

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