The Senegal Timer: Inventory of the Material Discovered

“Three persons were taken into custody from the aircraft – a Senegalese named Ahmed Khalifa Niasse, Mansour Omran El Saber who at the time was a member of the Libyan ESO, and one Mohamed El Marzouk.  The evidence did not establish any connection between any of these three arrested persons and the briefcase and its contents.”

Zeist Trial. Opinion of the Court: §52.

Here is the official document listing all the material seized during the search at Dakar Airport on 20 February 1988.


Material seized on 20/02/1988

Material seized on 20/02/1988

You can read the official document as well as a translation in English.


Notice that the document lists a box of 25 9mm bullets. Also, it may be worth to notice that the suitcases of the two Libyans do not contain anything suspicious. The explosives, weapon and material are all contained in a suitcase that seems to have belonged to Ahmed Khalifa Niasse.

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One Response to The Senegal Timer: Inventory of the Material Discovered

  1. Craig says:

    Noticed the occurrence with the date of the Senegal investigations of DI William Williamson [WW] and colleagues.
    Always had in my mind Togo was investigated first and then somehow linked to Senegal but it is, of course, the reverse;

    June 1990 – Identification FBI lab Washington
    July 1990 – Williamson and colleagues go to Senegal
    Sep 1990 – Avent and colleagues go to Togo

    It would also appear that at the very least, WW must have had a Senegal report and photographs of some kind from CIA/FBI of the [missing] Senegal timer as this was the first place WW and colleagues went to investigate.

    WW investigate & interview, Senegal 18/07/1990
    FBI – Thurman Report 20/08/1990
    Pages 2,3,4 -This ‘report’ continually notes the Togo timer as a reference but no mention of Senegal timer. The link to Senegal timer was fully known as this is why WW and colleagues prioritized Senegal and travelled to investigate.
    FBI investigators also visited Senegal July 1990 just before WW.
    DI William Williamson Internal Memorandum 03/09/1990
    No mention of PT35[b] FBI lab Washington visit and identification, no mention of visiting Senegal.
    DI Avent Precognition 24/08/1999
    Page 6 – On Tuesday 18th September, 1990 I travelled to Accra, Ghana in the company of Detective Inspector McAtter in order to carry out inquiries in the neighbouring country of Togo.
    Page 7 – On arrival there we learned that Agent Craig Bates of the FBI of the United States was already in the country and had commenced inquiries with the authorities.
    February 1988 was a busy month at CIA with regard to timers.
    A type of timer marked K2 recovered in Senegal and a K1 report issued all in the same month.

    William Williamson;
    Q And so did you, along with some of your colleagues, go to Senegal?
    A I did, sir, yes.
    Q And when was that?
    A That was about July 1990, sir.
    Q Thank you. And when you were there, were you carrying out investigations into the earlier recovery
    of a MST 13 timer?
    A I was, sir, yes.
    Q And when you were there, were you assisted by some American colleagues?
    A There were — American colleagues had been at Senegal days before, or just up until the time of our arrival there, so they left just as we arrived.
    Q Were these, in particular, two officers from the FBI?
    A Yes, sir. SSA Thurman and SSA Bolcar.
    Q Bolcar? [2964]
    A Bolcar, yes.
    Q And what was the other gentleman —
    A Marshman, sir. I beg your pardon. Marshman. Edward Marshman.
    Q So in the middle of 1990, Mr. Marshman and Mr. Bolcar were in Senegal?
    A That’s correct.


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