The Senegal Timer: Zeist Judges Dead Wrong. Again.

In their opinion, the Lockerbie Trial Judges wrote:

[52] The timer recovered in Togo which, as we have said, was one of two, was considered by the witness Richard Sherrow to be identical to one which was discovered in Dakar, Senegal, on 20 February 1988 within a briefcase found on board a passenger aircraft which had arrived at the airport there from Cotonou in Benin.  It was recovered in October 1999 by CI Williamson from the French Ministry of Justice in Paris but was not examined forensically.  It cannot therefore be said whether its circuit board was single or double sided. […]

This is simply not true. The timer given to CI Williamson by the French Ministry of Justice was the second timer (unboxed) allegedly recovered in Togo by BATB Richard Sherrow in September 1986.


The “French” MST-13 Timer (2 digits & unboxed)

Whatever happened to the Senegal timer is a mystery. Although it was not destroyed with the rest of the material seized at Dakar Airport, it disappeared. And there is certainly no credibility in the allegation that it was given back to the Libyans arrested in Dakar when they returned home.

The Senegal Timer (4 digits & boxed)

The Senegal Timer (4 digits & boxed)

The SCCRC noticed the error in their report.

8.105 It is worth noting that in terms of paragraph 52 of its judgment the trial court appears to have confused the Senegal timer, which was never recovered by the investigating authorities (as explained below), with the second Togo timer obtained from the French authorities in 1999. However, the Commission does not consider this apparent error by the trial court to have had any material effect on the verdict.

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