CIA & Ahmed Khalifa Niasse

“Casey, Twetten and Cave recognized that the information need not to be accurate. A mix of factual and bogus information can be provided which will satisfy their concerns about ‘good faith’. Oliver North: Memo to Poindexter” (1)

CIA Kenneth Steiner was at Dakar airport when the two Libyans and Ahmed Khalifa Niasse were arrested on February 20 1988.

During precognitions, Steiner told some very interesting stories about this arrest.

Ahmed Khalifa Niasse with French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Ahmed Khalifa Niasse with French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Collin had stated to another officer that [Ahmed Khalifa] Niasse had been approached by the Libyans concerning a planned attack on the French presence in Senegal.

When Collin returned from Paris I met with him and he showed a copy of a check for a million dollars which the Libyans had furnished to President Diouf for his re-election campaign.

Collin also told me that Niasse, who was a Muslim religious leader in Senegal, had also received a $250,000 religious contribution from Gaddafi.

Niasse, as a Sunni Muslim holy man or Marabout had diplomatic status from the Senegalese, although no official government position and consequently could travel to Libya and had access to political leaders there and members of the intelligence service.

According to Collin, Niasse had been requested by the Libyans to help infiltrate Libyan intelligence officers and explosives to Senegal in order to attack the French military presence in Senegal, in retaliation for French support to the Government of Chad.

Collin also told me that Niasse had been provided with a photograph of one of the Libyan operatives, which was for use in a false Senegalese passport.

As the operation progressed, Collin would periodically tell me what he knew based upon what Niasse was telling him.

Comment: Steiner’s stories sound like “a mix of factual and bogus information”. For one thing, I really doubt the story of Gaddafi funding President Diouf’s 1988 campaign.


1. Bob Woodward, Veil page 488


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