President Diouf: “I Have Nothing to Add to What I Wrote.”

“There is no doubt in the minds of the investigating officers that the witness Jean Collin has much more information on this matter but chooses not to disclose it. In the course of his interview he stated angrily that he did not think the presence of American FBI personnel was proper and inferred that the Americans knew the whole story.” SCCRC Report

I recently wrote a short letter to former Senegal President Diouf in which I was asking him if he would be willing to give me additional information regarding what he wrote in his biography about the arrest of the two Libyans at Dakar airport in February 1988.


President Diouf kindly replied to the letter but explains that he has withdrawn from public life and that he considers that he has been very clear about this event in his book.

Beside the arrest itself, I was also curious about the allegations made in the book about Jean Collin. President Diouf wrote that he was puzzled by the completely different attitude that Collin had adopted in his last years as a public servant. [Collin was sacked from the government in March 1990 and from his position at the party the following month.]

According to the book, Collin was travelling a lot and could not explain why he was doing so. According to President Diouf, rumors were circulating about “espionage”

I believe that a careful reading of the CIA cables, the precognitions of CIA Steiner, the interview of Collin in France and the Report from the SCCRC can only lead a reasonable person to the conclusion that Jean Collin was indeed a source for the CIA.

Specifically, I believe that Collin is the source refered to as “S/2” in the CIA cables. We shall come back to this issue later.

As far as suspicious travel is concerned, I will point to the fact the SCCRC uncovered a document that seems to indicate that Jean Collin was interviewed in the US (December 1990) just prior to his official interview with the Lockerbie investigators in Caen (February 1991).

“One further matter that should be noted in relation to this issue is the suggestion in Harry Bell’s diaries that Mr Collin may have been interviewed in the US on or around 3 December 1990, i.e. prior to the formal interview in France described above. In an entry for Tuesday 4 December 1990 in volume 11 of the diaries regarding a meeting in the deputy SIO’s room with other officers, it states “John Collier and wife, apparently in the USA for interview, advised at 1630 hours on Monday 3rd December 1990.” SCCRC 8.119

What about the timer? What possibly happened to it? For what is worth, Collin stated that  he was “convinced that the timer discovered in Senegal could not have been used for terrorist purposes.”

According  to confidential notes uncovered by the SCCRC, it was known to D&G that Jean Collin had commented that the timer had been given to “an intelligence agency”.

The Commission requested from D&G consent to disclose that section of the confidential notes but this was refused.

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