The Senegal Timer: CIA Cable 21/04/1988

Obviously, there is not much we can do with this cable either… But it would seem that the CIA had, beside S/2,  another “well-informed” source among the Senegalese authorities.




The cable is archived here

Note: Zulu (Zero) time is equivalent to GMT, and Dakar is actually on GMT time. Therefore, the cable was sent on 14:35 local time.

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One Response to The Senegal Timer: CIA Cable 21/04/1988

  1. Craig says:

    CIA Kenneth Steiner Precognition dated 6th June 2000;
    Pages 3 to page 4;
    He seems Steiner was in liaison with at least two [2] individuals at the airport.

    Page 3:
    “General Sec, who was present at the airport, told me that they had “got them”.
    Collin was also at the airport.”

    Page 4:
    “The first thing ‘he’ told me was that ‘he’ had recovered the false passport, which was destroyed.”

    Not for the first time, the Court transcript does not appear to ring true with other information;

    Transcript – CIA Kenneth Steiner
    Q And once they had been taken to the VIP lounge, did you see any other passengers disembark?
    A No, sir. My interest was in this group. I didn’t wait for the other disembarkation.
    Q I understand. Did you see Jean Colin at the airport that evening? [2914]
    A No, sir.

    Q Do you know if he was there?
    A I don’t know that, no, sir.

    Q Thank you. Again, for the moment, please, Mr. Steiner, could you just listen to the next question and answer it yes or no. Did you learn that certain items had been taken possession of?
    A Yes, I did.
    Q And did you then attempt to secure opportunity of examining those items?
    A Yes, sir, I did.
    Q And did that involve you liaising with Jean Colin?
    A Yes, sir, it did.
    Q And others?
    A No, sir.
    Q Just Jean Colin?
    A Just Jean Colin.

    “In 1988 I was a serving member of the US CIA. I FIRST became aware of the operation which subsequently led to the arrest of Abed Khalifa Niassse and two Libyan nationals in early January 1988 when I was contacted by the then Secretary General to the President of Senegal, Jean Collin.”

    Q Thank you. Now, were you given passports by the Senegalese authorities —
    A No, sir.
    Q Just let me finish. Were you given passports to look at by the Senegalese authorities?
    A No, sir.
    Q Were you given photocopies of passports to look at?
    A Not that I recall, sir, no.
    Q Just help me with the answer to this question, again by saying yes or no: Did you come
    to any conclusion about the nationalities of the two people who were in custody?
    A Yes, sir.
    Q Was that because of something that you [2923] were told? Just yes or no.
    A Yes, sir.

    Q Was it added to by anything that you saw?
    A It was influenced by the items that were on display at the prison, yes, sir.

    Q All right. Did you see any document relating to the two men in custody which helped you
    to understand their nationality?
    A Not that I recall, no, sir.
    Jean Collin interview 1991;


    At the time, and bearing in mind that we were in the middle of a presidential election, there was a certain amount of tension in the country because of the fear of foreign interference, especially of being financed by the Libyans.
    We received intelligence that two Libyans and a Senegalese named Ahmed Kalifa NIASSE were likely to enter the territory from Cotonou, in possession of items likely to be used by the Senegalese opposition.
    I therefore contacted the General commanding the Gendarmerie and instructed him to intercept the three passengers.
    We had no information regarding the identity of the Libyans. We only knew they would be accompanying NIASSE.
    The Gendarems questioned them as they got off the plane, took them to the VIP lounge where they searched their baggage.

    For my part, I followed the operation from my car and returned home once they had been stopped. I knew they would be taken to the Gendarmerie camp in Dakar.

    It was not until the following day I was informed of the contents of the baggage and of the false identities assumed.
    We established in the course of the investigation that the identities recorded were false.


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