The Senegal Timer: CIA Warren Clemens

“I was getting ready to photograph them when the Senegalese became unhappy. I was never able to get a picture of the circuitry of the inside of the timer.” CIA Warren Clemens (Assumed name)

Here are the precognitions of CIA Warren Clemens recorded on 15/09/1999 and 10/01/2000.

Warren Clemens took  the pictures of the Senegal timer ( DE51 ) and has authored several of the CIA cables from Dakar including the cable dated 14 March 1988. ( DE 61 )

Material seized on 20/02/1988

Material seized on 20/02/1988

In order to ease a bit the reading of these precognitions, as well as trial evidence, I created the following table of correspondence between the cables date and the Crown production label numbers.

20/02/1988 DE54

26/02/1988 (1) DE55

26/02/1988 (2) DE58

01/03/1988 DE62

05/03/1988 DE56

07/03/1988 (1) DE59

07/03/1988 (2) DE57

14/03/1988 DE61

21/04/1988 DE60

Good reading!


“unload the weapon”? According to the Police report, the clip was empty.

“Take off the silencer”? According to an official Senegalese picture, the silencer was not mounted on the Beretta.

“My attention was also drawn to the red and black stereo wire connector clips mounted on the side of the timer housing. Before going to Senegal, I had seen similar connector clips on a RF device picked up in Chad.”


“It was known that the Chad device had been manufactured by or on behalf of the Libyans.”

“Information regarding the analysis of this device (recovered by the CIA in 1984) had been circulated within the agency. (…) The document DE53 makes reference to a company called MEBO.”

This is quite an understatement. As we shall see, DE53 goes well beyond naming MEBO.



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