The Senegal Timer: CIA Kenneth Steiner

“Later in that day I met with Collin at his office and he provided me with information set forth in cable 50260.” CIA Kenneth Steiner

Here is the precognition of CIA Kenneth Steiner recorded on 15/09/1999.

I believe that some statements made in this precognition are very dubious, such as for instance the allegation of financial support of Libya to President Diouf’s re-election campaign. In all likelihood, Gaddafi would have supported his opponent. (Keep in mind that the incident occurred a few days before the presidential election…)

Other statements are confusing. The passport given to NIASSE is not a “false passport”. It is a genuine Senegalese passport signed by Jean Collin issued to a Libyan with a false identity. In fact, it seems a bit odd that Collin felt so relieved about the recovering of the passport. Is it not strange that Collin shows no signs of stress about the large amounts of explosive aboard a commercial airplane but  is particularly worry about a passport he signed?


On the other hand, it seems factual that the office next to Collin’s was occupied by a DGSE officer. (Direction générale de la Sécurité extérieure)

Notice that Steiner does not claim that the Senegalese were unhappy about taking pictures of the inside of the MST-13 timer. Just asking “not to break it”.

Cable 50260 Read again the CIA cable for 20/02/1988. We now know who is the “reliable source with excellent access”.

Interesting to learn that Collin was replaced by André Sonko, a UCLA graduate…

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