The Senegal Timer: Libya and Senegal Diplomatic Ties [NYT]

The New York Times actually mentioned once the “Dakar Incident” in an article without headline published on 6 November 1988.

Senegal’s Government decided today [05/11/1988] to restore diplomatic relations with Libya, giving Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi his latest foreign policy success among African nations. […]

Senegal broke diplomatic relations with the Libya in June 1980, accusing Gaddafi of supporting Senegalese dissidents.

In the years thereafter, Senagalese (SIC) authorities charged that the major opposition figure here, Abdoulaye Wade, received Libyan financing.

Last February, relations deteriorated further when the Sengalese (SIC) police arrested two people described as Libyan agents along with a prominent Sengalese (SIC) Islamic fundamentalist [Ahmed Khalifa NIASSE] at the airport here.

On June 15, three weeks after Colonel Qaddafi first announced his intention to restore relations with Senegal, a judge here released the Sengalese (SIC) and the two Libyans without charges.

Ahmed Khalifa Niasse with French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Ahmed Khalifa Niasse with French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Western diplomats in Dakar today cited two factors that may have prompted Senegal’s President, Abdou Diouf, to restore relations with Libya: a wish to weaken Mr. Wade, his political adversary, and a desire to prepare for a 1990 summit meeting here of the Islamic Conference.

Comment. Actually, NIASSE was released three weeks BEFORE the two Libyans (on 25/05/1988).




NYT: Senegal Will Restore Full Ties With Libya

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