Thomas Thurman: PA103 & UTA772

French journalist Pierre Péan has accused Thomas Thurman, a FBI agent, of fabricating false evidence against Libya in both the Pan AM 103 and UTA Flight 772 sabotages.

Judge Bruguiere (the same judge who handed the second Togo timer to the Lockerbie investigators) worked with FBI Thomas Thurman to blame Libya for the UTA Flight 772.

The Evidence? A small part of a circuit board (with the name of the Taiwanese manufacturer printed on it!) sold to Libya.  And Thurman is of course the “Genius” who identified PT/35(b)…

Two cases solved identically and miraculously: not only a tiny bit of the timer survived the explosion and was recovered, but it bore enough information to lead back to its manufacturer and eventually Libya. Draw your own conclusions.

French Police scientist Calisti never really bought Thurman’s story. I must say that there may be a good reason for this.

Carlos aka The Jackal

Carlos aka The Jackal

During the trial of Carlos, who is a key player in the story of PT/35(b), Calisti made the following comment:

Les auteurs d’attentat, d’une manière générale, “utilisent les explosifs qu’ils ont sous la main” pour commettre leurs actes, a expliqué Claude Calisti, en réponse à une question du président qui lui demandait si certains types d’explosif pouvaient être systématiquement attribués à tel ou tel mouvement. Ensuite, “c’est surtout entre les dispositifs de mise à feu” que des rapprochements peuvent être faits, a-t-il ajouté. Or, aucun dispositif de mise à feu n’a pu être retrouvé dans les quatre attentats jugés jusqu’au 16 décembre.

Claude Calisti simply stated that no parts of the timers had survived the four explosions for which Carlos was being on trial.  Obviously, recovering parts of the timer is lucky event.

But there is more. Below is a copy of the official conclusion of the UTA772 report.


Conclusion of the UTA 772 Report

Conclusion of the UTA 772 Report

Now, the last line of paragraph 6 states unambiguously that no part of the timer survived!


A son procès, Carlos donne une leçon en explosifs

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