The Chronology of PT/35(b): 13 March 1990

13 March 1990

(“other enquiry” i.e. not evidentially significant)

According to Williamson’s memo of 16 March 1990 to the SIO another of the “other
enquiries” that was carried out was that contact was made with Mr Denham of the
International Tin Research Institute, Uxbridge, on 13 March 90. He stated that after
the tin had been plated onto a board there was nothing that could be analysed in the
tin which would be worthwhile. He could not analyse the depth of the tin coating on
the fragment as he did not have the equipment to do so, but recommended that contact
be made with a company which had a Fischer scope X-ray. There are no HOLMES
statements for Mr Denham.

Also on 13 March 90, another of the “other enquiries” was carried out, that being that
contact was made with a Mr Haken of the Printed Circuit Board Federation in
London. He knew of no list or information available on companies using tin as an
etch resist but suggested publishing all available information on the fragment in the
monthly newsletter, and in the equivalent newsletters for Europe and the USA. There
are no HOLMES statements for Mr Haken, and no indication that the steps he
suggested were implemented.

DP-35 Page 4

DP-35 Page 4

PS1: The chronology of PT/35(b) is updated to 13/03/1990.

PS2: At the request of a reader (E. Bollier from MEBO), I have published two sets of photos (DP/32 and DP/35). Both sets will be discussed in a few days.

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