The Chronology of PT/35(b): 14 May 1990

14 May 1990

The first two documents are BKA reports. One, dated 14 May 1990 and authored by a BKA officer, KOK Tepp, refers to certain investigations conducted in Germany regarding the circuit board fragment. It then refers to information which had been provided by Det Supt Ferrie of the Scottish police and concludes “When questioned, [Det Supt] Ferrie also said that this fragment of a circuit board had been found in the cuff of a “SLALOM SHIRT” in January 1990.” SCCRC 8.22

PI 995 : The collar of a

PI 995 : The collar of a “SLALOM” shirt from which PT/35(b) was allegedly extracted

On this date KOK Tepp wrote a report (see submissions to the Commission) referring to a conversation with Gordon Ferrie on 9 May 90, in which Ferrie said they would not have to come back to Siemens in Munich as they could have the same examination done in the UK for less expenditure.

The fact that Tepp was seeking this information seems to confirm he was involved in the Siemens enquiries. Ferrie also said that so far no indication of manufacturer had shown up, and no information could be found on the original purpose for the use of this circuit board e.g. component of clock, radio etc.

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