The Chronology of PT/35(b): 17 May 1990

17 May 1990

It does not appear in the HOLMES statements of any of the relevant officers but it
seems that Roderick MacDonald (who photographed the fragment on 12 Feb 90,
above) took further photographs of the fragment on 17 May 1990, post-removal of
DP/31. Production 1752 (CS/125) is a booklet of four photos of the fragment with
DP/31 separated from it, the cover of the booklet being very similar to that produced
by MacDonald in February 1990, but the date being 17/5/90. In his ch10 CP
MacDonald confirmed that he took these photos in May 1990 at the studio at Pitt
Street, and that Williamson was present. He also stated that he specifically
remembered taking these photographs as it was the one and only time in his 28 year
career that he had to use a microscope before taking the photographs, the reason being
to try and accurately line up the two fragments of circuit board. He confirmed that
prod 1751 (CS/123) was the film relating to the photos in prod 1752. He noted that
the number of the film was cross-referenced to a number on the booklet of photos.


Later in his precognition he noted that the bag containing the film was numbered
4613, but the film itself was numbered 4913. He stated that he was satisfied that this
had been his error, and that the writing was clearly his. He did not refer to the fact
that the error is then repeated on the front of the booklet of photos i.e. the negative
says 4913 but the booklet says 4613, but given that the mistake between the negatives
and the envelope containing them is acknowledged to be MacDonald’s, and given that
he specifically recalls taking the photographs, the repetition of the error on the front
of the booklet does not seem sigmiicant.

NB MacDonald was also referred to DP/126 (Prod 314) which he noted was a booklet
of photographs based on the two master sets he had taken (i.e. the photos he took on
12 Feb and 17 May 1990, prods 1752 and 1754). He said that this book appeared to
have been compiled by someone else at a later date. The label for the photos indicates
that it was handed over by Jan Corrodi (the Swiss examining magistrate who dealt
with the interviews of MEBO personnel in Switzerland in November 1990).
Presumably this booklet was compiled and provided to him for use in the interviews
of the MEBO personnel and was then returned by him.

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