Question: Do  you remember going to the airport shortly after Mr. Fhimah got his new car and seeing the new car and Mr. Baset and Mr. Masoud there? [on 20/12/1988]

Answer:  Uh-huh.

Majid Giaka’s evidence at the Grand Jury in the United States of America

At his Scottish police interview on 2nd August 1991, Majid Giaka said that he witnessed the arrival of Fhimah and Megrahi at Luqa airport on December 20 1988.

“This incident had occurred at about 8.00 in the evening.” (Day 51, page 6929)

Some people have wondered why he never mentioned this travel to his CIA handler.

Marquise offers an explanation.

FBI Richard Marquise

FBI Richard Marquise

“Giaka had met his CIA handler in the morning of December 20 1988. […] He next met his CIA handler one month later and this travel was not fresh in his mind.” (Marquise P 215)

Giaka’s evidence (8:00 pm) would have been consistent with Fhimah and Megrahi arriving at Luqa Airport on the LAA flight that evening.

However, it is clearly established that Fhimah, and Megrahi, arrived at Luqa Airport on the evening of 20th December 1988 on the Air Malta flight and not the LAA flight.  And the Air Malta flight arrived at about 5.15 pm.

What is going on here?

Actually, Marquise is simply wrong. The meeting of Giaka with his CIA handler occurred in the afternoon of December 20 1988. The safe house had been booked from 12:00 to 18:00. And Giaka was famous for showing up late…

Draw your own conclusions about the FBI, the CIA and their “Man in Malta”.

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  1. Craig says:

    In my view, both Giaka & Marquise should be appropriately viewed consequentially, they both heavily rely on each other to [s]tell the same tale.

    Applying the exact same methodical approach which each of these actors have relied on, they both fundamentally and ultimately fall and fail together.

    It’s beyond reason that Marquise [to this day] completely supports Gaika and all the supposed information Gaika provided.

    To note a previous flawed concept –
    Marquise: your either with us or against us.

    US Agencies confirmed practice and procedures including DEA / FBI of ‘parallel construction’.
    Effectively, US Government condoned procedures are an invention of a truth or their truth to match an eventual story being told.
    Set a story based on completely unreliable ‘intelligence’ reports and go fit up and meet the fraudulent objective.

    “The most perplexing problem in combing the collective capabilities of the Intelligence Community [IC] with the enforcement of Law Enforcement Agencies [LEAs] is using IC information in LEA investigations without disclosing or unduly risking the disclosure of sensitive or classified IC information.”

    “The problem:
    The IC and LEAs have different goals. The key difference is that LEAs expect the result of their work to be presented in open court, that is, LEAs expect the information they collect to be transparent because much of it will be introduced in court as part of the prosecution case against a defendant. The IC expects that the product of its works will not appear in court, that is, the IC’s objective is for its work product is that it NOT be transparent.”

    I.e. – We will and can lie to everyone.
    It’s a license to falsify and fabricate information.

    Ref: Richard Marquise –
    Video published on 15 Oct 2012
    Trace Evidence 2009 : PanAm Flight 103
    Part of the 2009 Trace Evidence Symposium at the NFSTC

    This is a video of one of the collaborators of this whole saga, milking and seeking personal notoriety and economic gain on the lives of others.

    In my view, this individual is an absolute professional disgrace, the lecture Marquise provides is from the outset erroneous, repeatedly inaccurate and in absolute terms completely false;

    Folks, make your own mind up, here is the video;


  2. Craig says:

    Also, this is a lecture at the National Forensic Week Conference !

    I think the silence from the audience is deafening.

    As mush as the showman Marquise attempts to ratchet up the whole story, it’s crystal clear that nobody believes him, nobody believes this amazing tall tale of incredulous set of events that Marquise is describing.

    Frankly, it’s very sad to witness an individual so completely blind sided to one agreed set of events without any evidence whatsoever.


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