The Chronology of PT/35(b): 14-17 August 1990

14-17 August 1990

According to L-J’s Crown precognition, on this date he and John Crawford attended
the premises of Temparton Limited in Reading in possession of a photograph of the
MST-13 timer which at the time was in possession of the FBI. L-J’s notebook (prod
1766) also mentions this enquiry.

It suggests that he and Crawford drove to Reading on 14 August but only visited Tempatron (note different spelling to CP) on 15″, and that they then went to Teny (Security Consultants) Ltd, specialists in safe time locks before returning to Tempatron on 16 August and on 17 August attending at the Anti-Terrorist branch, New Scotland Yard, and meeting DC Titchener regarding enquiries about the NYMPH crystal and the Duracell 6 volt battery.

Photo 8 - DP 124

Photo 8 – DP 124

There are no HOLMES statements of L-J or of the various witnesses mentioned in his
notebook regarding his enquiries on 14- 17 August 1990.

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