The Chronology of PT/35(b): 6 September 1990

Some time prior to 6 September 1990

In Williamson’s memo to the SIO of 6/9/90, he listed various companies that had been
contacted for assistance in trying to identify the MST-13 timer.

Photo 1 - DP 124

Photo 1 – DP 124


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One Response to The Chronology of PT/35(b): 6 September 1990

  1. Craig says:

    Note about FBI Thomas Thurman report of 20/8/1990 also noting various companies.
    Appears to be working with Scottish police and sharing information at this time.

    With reference to a statements of FBI Thomas Thurman and K1 ‘Togo Timer’

    Questions of Brian Murtagh and answers of Thomas Thurman, Grand Jury Testimony, 1991;
    Page 52 on PDF, page 50 recorded in proceedings, line 14;

    Q: Now, sir, do you have an opinion based upon your examination of these items and the K-1 device and the PT-35 as to whether the PT-35 chip could have originated from a circuit board that was configured to fit inside the water-tight box?

    A: Yes, sir, I do have an opinion.

    Q: What is that?

    A: My opinion is that the circuit board, PT-35, once originated inside of an enclosure such as depicted in Exhibit 95.

    Q: Directing the grand jurors’ attention to photograph 86, is your opinion based in part upon this curved area of the circuit board chip that you’ve talked about earlier?

    A: Yes, sir, the curved portion would allow the circuit board to be placed inside this box, and to further emphasize that opinion, the – if you’ll notice on the square corners of the circuit board that’s being passed around, you have recessed holes, and those holes are what holds on the back of the circuit board. Without those recessed holes, there’s nothing to hold the back of the circuit board onto it, or the back of the plate. So it would be very easy to become a short circuit if it was placed in something without tape or something like that around it. In this case, within the plastic enclosure, the enclosure offers the confident of security.

    Q: In other words, it holds it together?

    A: Yes, sir.

    To be continued…..

    Keeping in mind these statements are from 16.1.1991 and I dare say nobody thought matters would still continue to be investigated 25 years later.
    However, it is very clear the FBI explanation of PT35[b] is that it did not originate from a K1 or ‘Togo Timer’ type because of the prominent cut curve.
    This obviously has knock on effects such as source, method, delivery, enclosures, batteries, mechanism, the four dials of the timer face etc.

    It also appears to raise questions why K1 or the ‘French Timer’ of previous suitcase notoriety was ever brought as an apparent comparison ?

    What this information appears to do is narrow down the actual source of PT35[b].
    We know CIA & FBI are lying and falsifying information.
    We know PT35[b] was not manufactured by Thuring.
    We know PT35[b] was not from a K1 ‘Togo Timer’ type.
    We know CIA produced a report February 1988 of a K1 timer.
    We know CIA ‘found’ a MST-13 Timer within an enclosure February 1988 in a friendly source state, Senegal. [K2]
    We know an appaerent MST-13 timer within an enclosure has went missing.
    We know PT35[b] has never been tested against K1 – which is a test that could still be done to this day.

    Now, where oh where is the source for a piece of timer with a prominent curve cut which so happens to be very, very similar to the CIA ‘found’ timer within an enclosure of February 1988, Senegal.

    Where could that timer be ?
    More importantly, where is a piece of that timer ?


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