The Chronology of PT/35(b):18 September – 1 October 1990

18 September – 1 October 1990

DS Avent and DI McAteer travelled to Togo to investigate the circumstances of
recovery of the Togo timer and recover any other items or papers re this.



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One Response to The Chronology of PT/35(b):18 September – 1 October 1990

  1. Craig says:

    The timeline is evidently highlighting this ‘investigation’ for what it is – A complete sham

    To quote an excellent contributor of the Lockerbie case with reference to – ‘the trail of sweeties’

    The parties involved and directing are simultaneously providing the glucose but also collecting and sharing the same sugar coated information for general consumption.

    The main issue is the information is both generated from within but also consumed from the same group.
    What is happening here and what has happened is – collaborative organisations investigating their own material.

    Early September 1990 – CIA/MI5/FBI and a Scottish police officer are involved in [prior] visits and discussion at Mebo.
    Keep in mind at least the CIA/MI5/FBI, if not RARDE were fully aware of Mebo for several years.
    Clearly the visit was not to discuss the weather….

    Mid to late September 1990 – Scottish police DS Avent and DI McAteer go to Togo to investigate a ‘MST-13’
    Apparently they do not know the manufacturer is Mebo !

    Are we supposed to believe all this nonsense ?

    Every party was fully aware of Mebo from at least 5 years before.

    Look at this way –
    SIO Henderson is fully aware of Mebo from at least June 1990 as Thomas Thurman confirms.

    SIO Henderson must know one of his officers is making arrangements to travel to Switzerland to interview and investigate Mebo in conjunction with MI5/CIA/FBI to name but a few.

    SIO Henderson also dispatches two officers to Togo later in the same month to investigate a MST-13 to identify the manufacturer.

    Clearly, this is a contradiction as the manufacturer is already known.

    Scottish police officers went on a tax payers jolly to Togo about an item that was already known not to mention their conduct when they were specifically advised of no known history of a ‘MST-13’,
    If there was actually any device in Togo, it was clearly marked and photographed as a ‘Flash Timer’.

    The way and manner these so-called professionals have conducted themselves is an utter disgrace to their profession, fellow citizens and country.

    As a proud Scot, I am utterly appalled and disgusted by not only the actions but the twisted motivation of these criminals, masquerading as civil servant investigators.

    In my view, Police Scotland either in it’s current form or any previous guise is a quasi-political organisation through design, institutionally corrupt and unable to achieve even low to mid-level impartiality or professionalism.

    20/08/2015 –
    Police Scotland with the Scottish Police Authority [SPA] ‘jointly’ issued a statement on numerous matters, defending Police Scotland.
    Published 20 August 2015
    ‘Joint Statement from SPA Chair and Chief Constable’

    This is a unprecedented position for any oversight body or regulator to adopt.
    SPA is supposed to be impartial and fiercely independent to enable both transparency and accountability.
    The organisation [SPA] which is charged with holding the agency [Police Scotland] to account issues a ‘joint’ press release to fully endorse each other.

    Scotland, where did it all go wrong ?

    This is the issue others do not seem to contemplate or understand;


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