THE LONG ROAD TO MEBO – FAX dated 28/08/1990

In a recent post (LOCKERBIE: THE LONG ROAD TO MEBO ), I explained that:

“Despite all the good scientific research and the enormous  efforts of the Lockerbie investigators, no EVIDENCE ever led to MEBO. It is INTELLIGENCE that “solved” the case.”

I also pointed to the following statement of the SCCRC (8.147) report:

In a fax dated 28 August 1990 (classified document 989, see appendix of protectively marked materials), the Security Service queried how clear the designation was on the timer and asked whether, rather than reading “M580”, the designation might comprise the letters “MEBO”. It was suggested that if that were the case it might relate to Meister and Bollier of Zurich, described as “a company known to be involved with others in the provision of electronic devices to Libya.”

Here is the fax.



  1. Obviously, the official timeline misses one entry for September 10 1990…

2) The handwritten note at the bottom of the document reads:

“In Washington on [date unclear but likely to be June 1990 as in 22 June 1990] DI [Detective Inspector] John McLean opined that markings could be MEBO – Thurman agreed!!”

Draw your own conclusion.

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