“I am asked if there was anything specific about the crystal that would time date it. Yes, there was a possibility of establishing a certain period of time in respect of the manufacture of the crystal.” FBI Tom Thurman – Precognition

From the “Chronology of PT/35(b) – Part III”, we have learned the following:

15 June 1990

According to the FD-302 of Tom Thurman that is provided with the police report, he received K1 from Richard Sherrow of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Lab on this date.

This position is clearly inaccurate, as was discovered during the precognition process. In fact Sherrow gave the timer K1 to the CIA in late 1987 and it was in CIA possession until June 1990.

John Orkin of the CIA was the person who identified the similarity between PT/35(b) and K-1, not Thurman.

During this meeting, CIA John Orkin* [Real Name: Jack Christie] told Tom Thurman who had manufactured the MST-13 Timers.

“On page 41 of Production 285 there is reference to MEBO. I recall asking [to CIA John ORKIN*] who was MEBO. (…) He then showed me Production 285 at page 41.” (See Thurman Defence-Precognition)

Thurman leaves the meeting with the “Solution” of Lockerbie. He now has in his own hands the timer (K1). His Adminnistration gives him the authorization to “front for the CIA”.  (The then Director of the CIA – William H. Webster – was the previous director of the FBI, a unique situation in history…)

Still, Thurman needs a plausible explanation. How did he link K1 to MEBO? Obviously, “I was told so by BIG BROTHER” does not cut it…. Well, that is where the NYMPH quartz comes in. He KNOWS MEBO built K1. And thus, MEBO must have bought the components. The NYMPH quartz was supplied by COMPONA AG and manufactured by SARONIX. All he has to do is to connect the dots. In reverse mode…

The FBI Report dated 20/08/1990 reads:

“Investigation at saronix, Palo Alto, California has determined that the NYMPH (trademark) NYPO 49-12 Quartz Crystal has been manufactured since mid-1983, by Kony Precision Company, Limited, Inchon, South Korea. Officials at Saronix, after reviewing photographs of the quartz crystal utilized in specimen K-1, advised that the crystal was not manufactured until mid- 1986, because the crystal had a gray vinyl wrapping. The equipment for this vinyl wrapping process was not installed at the manufacturing facility until some time in mid-1986.”

With this information, Thurman can narrow the number of companies that could supply the NYMPH quartz to just a few; 12 to be precise. His Report reads:

“A review of the sales records from Saronix, period from June, 1986 (mid-1986) until September, 1986 (the month when the electronic timer was recovered in Africa), has determined that 5,960 crystals were shipped to twelve customers. The following is a summary of sales of the crystal, by company, for this time period.”

And of course, one of these 12 customers is COMPONA AG. All the pieces fit in place. Thurman can already picture himself as Time Magazine “Man of the Year”!

But of course we do know that the NYMPH quartz were bought by MEBO from COMPONA AG in August and November 1985. Allegedly, the MST-13 Timers were supplied to Libya in late 85 to early 86.


Someone caught the anachronism. The credibility of Thurman’s beautiful story had been destroyed. He will not be the “Sherlock” of Lockerbie.

“I received a call in August or September 1990 that someone had gone to MEBO in Switzerland with a photograph and they had identified the fragment as coming from them so any enquiries then stopped and there were no reasons to continue with them”

Of course, we now know that his explanation is not true either. The truth is that MI5 told the investigators about MEBO. (See LOCKERBIE: THE LONG ROAD TO MEBO )

The SCCRC Report is unable to explain why the investigation lost about 3 months from June 15  to September 19?

“A matter which remains somewhat unclear is why, given that the fragment itself had been compared with the Togo timer at the meeting with the Scottish police and Mr Feraday on 22 June 1990 and that the link between the two had been confirmed, investigations did not immediately focus upon MEBO. In fact enquiries in Switzerland did not commence until September 1990, over two months later.” (SCCRC 8.139)

“According to Mr Orkin’s Crown precognitions, when he noted the similarity between PT/35(b) and the Togo timer at the meeting he had with Mr Thurman he specifically told Mr Thurman to investigate MEBO. Mr Thurman’s response was said to be that this information was “not good enough to go to trial” and that he would do his own investigation with particular reference to the components on the Togo timer.” (SCCRC 8.140)

Nymphs have been nymphs. Spooks will be spooks. And a dwarf is a dwarf is a dwarf. Thurman will have to settle for ABC World News Tonight “Man of the week”, and then “removed from all FBI crime labs and disbarred from acting as an expert witness”. (US Inspector General – 1997 Report)

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  1. Craig says:

    Youtube interview with CIA Jack Christie, fascinating 4 mins of information from the laddie himself.
    Excellent questions put by the young interviewer and even more interesting replies.
    It does seem the previous Scots Court appearance under oath has left a lasting impression.
    ‘June 2014:
    The bombing of Pan American Airlines flight 103 from London to New York on the night of December 21, 1988, resulted in the deaths of 270 people.

    Jack Christie, former Chief of CIA’s Foreign Finds Laboratory, will tell the exciting story of the efforts to determine the cause of the explosion, identify the perpetrators, and bring them to justice.
    You can hear all about it at the June 21, 2014 meeting of the Maine Chapter of the Association of Intelligence Officers, at 2:00 p.m. at the Brick Store Museum Program Center.

    The story reflects the close cooperation between the U.S. and Scottish intelligence and police agencies. As much of the Pan Am 103 story has (by design) not been reflected in the mass media, Jack will attempt to tell “the rest of the story”.

    Jack Christie joined the CIA Office of Technical Services in 1970 as an Electronics Engineer designing and producing small electronic devices for support of field operations.
    The mission of the Foreign Finds Laboratory is to analyse and identify the origin and technical ability of electronic devices targeted against US interests in the field..
    Jack continued to work part-time as a contractor until 2012.

    The meeting, which is open to the public, will be Saturday, June 21, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. at the Brick Store Museum Program Center, 4 Dane Street, Kennebunk, Me.
    For information call 207-967-4298.’

    All ears to what ‘the rest of the story’ is that Jack is recounting at public speaking engagements.


  2. Craig says:

    Quick comment of the MI5 ‘The Box 500’ facsimile dated 29/8/1990 with regard to the noted individuals;

    Margarite HASLINGER, nee ZAWOTNY, born 27 September 1946, Weimar, East Germany. Friedrich’s second wife [married 22 September 1983].

    James Arthur MEGIS, born 7 January 1934 in Detroit, Michigan, USA.
    Dec. 23, 1984
    ‘An American suspected of dealing arms to Libya was…’
    ‘US Citizen MEGIS carrying several passports including US, Canadian, French and Iranian.’

    “In London, the Sunday Times newspaper said MEGIS was sent to France after a week of questioning by British police, who referred to him as a ‘Mr. Big of terrorism.’ ”
    “The newspaper, quoting British police, said MEGIS was under investigation by the CIA for alleged dealing of arms to Libya.”

    Clearly this US citizen aka ‘Mr. Big of terrorism’ is an unsavoury character who has connections with then East German individuals.
    To obtain a moniker as ‘Mr. Big of terrorism, surely there must be substantial knowledge and documentation to support this.
    After all, this US citizen is running around Europe and other regions involved in terrorism activities with numerous identities and passports.
    These circumstances could not have happened over a relatively short period of time and surely MEGIS must have had some kind of training from an organisation or Agency related to these type of endeavours.

    The 1984 ‘Mr. Big of terrorism’ – James Arthur MEGIS passed away 15/8/1995

    It is noted on the aforementioned link at entry No: 7

    With reference to the same link, what is surprising from the initial December 1984 Times reporting including ‘The Box 500’ facsimile dated 29/8/1990 is these reports do not mention MEGIS US military career.
    It is clearly noted at entry No: 4 on the link as reference to;

    US., Select Military Registers;
    Military – 12 Feb 1969

    MEGIS would have been 35 years of age in Feb 1969 and the first draft for the [now globally recognised US freedoms / democracy doctrine] US invasion of Vietnam did not commence until December 1, 1969.

    This link is unclassified CIA cables under the application of the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act 2000.
    Very interesting document;

    Page 2, item No: 3, notes the former Iranian President Bani-Sadr charges against US President Reagan.
    Particularly noting both Richard Allen and Robert McFarlane interventions with regard to October 1980 and the US hostage situation.

    Page 3, item No 4:
    ‘Signs of US good-will to Austria.

    Page 3, item 5:
    US Citizen James MEGIS and Austrian businessman HASLINGER stood trial in Vienna with regard to small arms contra-ventions.
    HASLINGER received 9 months suspended sentence.
    MEGIS [Mr. Big of terrorism] received 15 months suspended sentence.
    Both individuals walked free from Court having been held in detention longer than the sentence handed down.
    It should be noted, previously MEGIS was described as being involved in ‘weapons of war’ which the ‘Mr. Big of terrorism’ title would indicate but fast forward Vienna, Austria 1987, this changed to the provision of small arms.

    Apparently James Arthur MEGIS then left Austria which would be approx 9th August 1987.
    I can’t think where the US citizen MEGIS went after being run out of Austria having previously been publicly reported as ‘Mr. Big of terrorism’ and ‘weapons of war’ claims.

    Where did he go ?


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