Lockerbie and the CIA Mysteries – The K1 REPORT

In a recent post ( LOCKERBIE: A SPOOK, THE NYMPHS AND A DWARF ), I told you that during a meeting at the CIA on JUNE 15 1990, CIA John Orkin* [Real Name: Jack Christie] told Tom Thurman who had manufactured the MST-13 Timers.

“On page 41 of Production 285 there is reference to MEBO. I recall asking [to CIA John ORKIN*] who was MEBO. (…) He then showed me Production 285 at page 41.” (See Thurman Defence-Precognition)

Let me ask a very simple question. If Orkin* was aware of MEBO, why did he write on the first page of his REPORT (CIA REPORT: 88SP006 ) about the TOGO Timer (K1) that he did not know the manufacturer of this timer?

“Design and assembly are generally professional, suggesting a well equipped facility and trained personnel were used. (…) Whether this is a modified commercial or a custom device can’t be determined.”


There is no doubt that Orkin* knew that the device had been manufactured by MEBO.

According to a recent post by Bollier (28/08/2015) on the PT35B Facebook Page,

“Since 25-27 March 1988 (for confidential contact in Switzerland) the CIA knew that MEBO AG, was the manufacturer of MST-13 Timer.”

I cannot confirm this information (If true, why did BOLLIER never say this BEFORE?) but I can tell you the following.

1) CIA Orkin* recently claimed that he was able to read MEBO without any difficulty by using special lighting.

2) Even if MEBO (M580/MEBQ) had not been written on the secondary board of the TOGO timer, Orkin* would have been able to link K1 to MEBO because he would have been able to recognize Lumpert’s handiwork thanks to the similarities between this timer and a device recovered in Chad (1984) and linked — very  easily — to MEBO. (I will explain this later.)

3) Last but not least, at the request of Orkin, The CIA had set up a line of communication with MEBO since 1985! (The proof of this statement will be provided in due time on this blog.)

Last thought. It has not escaped my attention that MEBO began to manufacture the MST-13 in 1985 and supplied ( not sold ) them to Libya the same year. Nor did I forget that just prior to the first mysterious appearance of such a timer in the fall of 86 in TOGO, Herr Bollier had decided to take a week of vacation in that country. But that is of course just a coincidence.

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