The Chronology of PT/35(b): 8-10 October 1990

8-10 October 1990

PT/35, DP/10, DP/11, DP/12, DP/15, DP/16 and DP/31 were all returned to RARDE by Brian McManus, according to LPS form 438.

RARDE PT/35((b)

RARDE PT/35((b)

Although there is no signature of any RARDE individual on the LPS form confirming receipt, the RARDE movement records confirm that on 10/10/90, Goulding received all these items.

Comment: A LPS form is the form completed for requesting forensic science laboratory
examination. [LPS stands for “Laboratoire de Police Scientifique” (French: Forensic Science Laboratory)]

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2 Responses to The Chronology of PT/35(b): 8-10 October 1990

  1. Craig says:

    Please can the abbreviation LPS be clarified.
    I’m thinking Loss Prevention Standard ?


  2. Craig says:

    25 January 1990
    Harrower (S929AC) collected PT/35(b) from Goulding (RARDE police liaison officer) at Heathrow airport. This is confirmed by a RARDE note (a copy of which was obtained from the Dstl files) which appears to be in Goulding’s handwriting and appears to be signed by Harrower, which simply records that the signatory received production PT/35; and also by McManus’s movement records (DP/29), and the production logs, which record 25/1/90 as the first date PT/35 was received back from RARDE; and RARDE’s formal records of movements (obtained from Dstl). In Williamson’s ch 10 CP dated 6&7/6/90 he states that his recollection was that he and Harrower both collected the fragment from Goulding at Heathrow. There is no mention in Williamson’s HOLMES statement of him having done this, nor is there mention in Harrower’s HOLMES statement or his ch10 Crown CP that Williamson was present.

    It appears the initial RARDE outward evidence transfer is by way of non-compliant informal notes and subsequent inward transfer is also of incomplete, non-compliant procedure.

    Also noted, the apparent RARDE to Scottish police transfer, completely undocumented including the infamous visit to FBI Washington DC.

    Ref: Scottish police – “evidence ‘control’
    From 46:30 mins of this documentary, we see a former Scottish police officer, SIO Henderson, confirm his credentials but then goes on to fabricate & falsify information.

    In my view, a professional disgrace, continuous and repeated lies on camera throughout the segment, near the end of the interview there is even a vain attempt to intimate the interviewer.

    Transparency 1
    SIO Henderson 0


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