The Chronology of PT/35(b): 18 October 1990

18 October 1990

A request for assistance was sent from the US Dept of Justice to the Swiss authorities. Thereafter, enquiries were made in Switzerland with MEBO.

Those enquiries are not detailed in this paper.



Too bad. I wish I knew a bit more about this investigation. It did not escape my attention that, just at the start of this investigation of MEBO, the wife of Meister (Bollier’s partner)  fell to her death. I know. This is just — yet another — coincidence.

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One Response to The Chronology of PT/35(b): 18 October 1990

  1. Craig says:

    I join the voices that sincerely hope and kindly request that Mr Bollier now provides full information with regard to these visits and all agreements or connections during this period.
    Also, voluntary offer up information with regard to dates, any supporting documentation of any meetings and discussions.

    After all, Mr Bollier, you are one of the main figures in this whole matter who has for many years publicly maintained an opposition as to what has been presented.

    Respectfully, Mr Bollier, time is marching on and no-one is getting any younger, the families are now suffering over 25 years in to this whole thing.

    Mr Bollier, in my view, the legal authorities are delaying any procedure you may wish to advance.
    At the current rate, your good self will be over 100 years old to even attempt to visit any court in any land.
    Unfortunately, the exact same mechanisms have been engaged within the institutional corrupt Scottish judicial system.

    Mr Bollier, declare and provide everything you know, if there is one thing for certain, as night follows day – the truth will out.

    Trial Transcript – Page 935 on PDF;
    Q Mr. Williamson, I want to ask you a little bit about your first visit to Switzerland in connection with this matter in November of 1990.
    A Yes.
    Q Perhaps it would help you if you had before you a hard copy of your notebook, which is Production 369. While that’s being looked for, perhaps we can have it on the screen, Production 369. And can we go to page 6, please. I think this is a portion of your notebook, Chief Inspector, in which you were describing the procedure in front of the Swiss magistrate. Is that [2990] correct?
    A That’s correct, sir, yes.
    Q And this was the proceedings which you attended along with Mr. Tom Thurman of the FBI and Mr. Fanning, also of the FBI; is that correct?
    A That’s correct, sir, yes.

    Trial Transcript – Page 941
    Q Was it disclosed to you that the day before you met with the Swiss police and intelligence services on the first visit the CIA had already met with them?

    MR. TURNBULL: Don’t answer that.

    My Lord, there is an assumption built in there which may or may not be accurate, and it is that this witness attended Switzerland on the occasion that Mr. Keen is referring to in his account. And I think it requires to be established whether that is correct.

    MR. KEEN: If I can approach it in this way. [3006]

    Q Mr. Williamson, do you know of any other police officers involved as members of the Lockerbie inquiry team who visited Switzerland for the purposes of identifying whether MEBO were manufacturers of the MST 13 timer other than yourself?

    A Could you repeat that question?

    Q Yes. It wasn’t a very good question, Mr. Williamson. In the period in the latter part of 1990, when you were going to make inquiries in Switzerland as to whether MEBO were the manufacturers of the MST 13 timer, are you aware whether any other police officer who was a member of the Scottish Lockerbie inquiry team made a separate visit to Switzerland to the one you made?

    A Yes, I am aware of that, sir. Yes.

    Q And do you know when this other visit was made?

    A No, sir. But it was prior to my visit.


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