The Chronology of PT/35(b): 4-5 February 1991

Around 4-5 February 1991

Williamson and L-J travelled to France and met Claude Calisti on 4 Feb and Jean
Collin on 5 Feb (see L-J’s notebook, prod 1766).

French explosive expert Calisti

French explosive expert Claude Calisti


Do you remember Calisti? Check this post The Chronology of PT/35(b): 20-23 February 1990.

20-23 February 1990 A liaison meeting took place between British and French during which the French scientist Claude Calisti was shown PT/35(b) but could offer no assistance or suggestions.

Obviously, CIA ORKIN must be much smarter than French Scientist Claude Calisti. Actually, probably NOT. But in a “Commedia dell’ arte”, everyone must play his role…

And Jean Collin had a really hard time explaining what the hell happened to the Senegal timer? In his biography, President Abdou Diouf claimed that he made a call to help him…

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