“Abu Elias was the big centre of the investigation, but he was very elusive.”  CIA Robert Baer

On June 19 2001, The Guardian published a piece by Richard Norton-Taylor titled “Lockerbie was an impossible verdict” that contains the following:

Among those arrested was Marwan Khreesat, who was found with explosives and a Toshiba cassette player similar to the one said to have contained the bomb. Khreesat was released. It was later revealed he was a Jordanian double agent.

The Jordanians did not allow him to appear as a witness at the trial. Instead, he was interviewed by an FBI agent, Edward Marshman. Marshman described how Khreesat told him how he infiltrated the PFLP-GC, how a second Toshiba bomb had gone missing, and about his contacts with another member of Jibril’s group, Abu Elias, said to be an expert in airline security.

Elias is mentioned in a report written by Mobdi Goben, another member of the PFLP-GC, shortly before he died. The Goben memorandum claims Elias planted the bomb in the luggage of Khalid Jaafar, a Lebanese American passenger allegedly involved in a CIA-approved heroin-smuggling operation. The luggage used for these operations, it is claimed, bypassed normal security screening.

The prosecution asked a “foreign government”, believed to be Syria, to hand over information about Goben’s allegations. Syria refused. Syria was central to the original explanation. This was that the bombing was funded by Iran in retaliation for the mistaken shooting down of an Iranian airliner by an American warship, the USS Vincennes, over the Persian Gulf in July 1988.

In December 2007, ED’S BLOG CITY posted a piece titled “The Goben Memorandum”.

On his death bed, it was rumoured that Goben has set out the entire ‘Autumn Leaves’ conspiracy. (The Autumn Leaves operation was carried out in Neuss, Germany in autumn 1988 by the BKA in which several arrests were made including Khreesat and Dalkamoni, and Toshiba radio’s converted to bombs were confiscated)

He had since died and, after a few more weeks’ delay to the trial at Zeist, the Syrian government made it clear that if there was any such memorandum, they had no intention of releasing it.

You will find on this page a link to the full text of the GOBEN MEMORANDUM. It could have been the story of Lockerbie.



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  1. Craig says:

    Thank you for the updates. The Goben Memorandum is a story in itself, so many pages containing so much information.

    I have never been convinced with regard to the infamous Autumn Leaves matter.
    The Marwan Khressat character being asked in on the operation supposedly after many years of no involvement. I always wonder the reason why after many years inactivity he was then brought back and why he was excluded from the group in the first place.
    With the technology or the method, It’s as if nothing would be given away even if the whole thing was compromised.
    I think that is evidenced by what happened after arrests were made with the vast majority being released and nobody can explain why.

    “House Committee Government Reform and Oversight. Subcommittee on Government Activities and Transportation. The subcommittee hears testimony on the recent bombing of Pan American flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in December 1988″

    At 20:00 minutes of the hearing there is a presentation of 5 known devices;
    Example 1 – Under the Seat Cushion
    Pan Am and TWA 1982
    Barometric Sensor & E Cell Timer Delay

    Example 2 – Suitcase
    Recovered 1984 & 1986
    Suitcase coated with 1/8” semtex all round the lining of the suitcase, corners and posts.
    Barometric Sensor & E Cell Timer Delay

    Example 3 – Hand Carry
    Recovered 17, April 1986 Heathrow
    2-3 sheets plastic explosive lining, calculator incorporated as timer and detonator.

    Example 4 – Radio & Whisky Bottle
    Korean Air, late 1987
    North Korean Agents apparently left device in overhead bins in the cabin.

    Example 5 – Toshiba Bombeat 453 Radio
    26 October 1988, Autumn Leaves
    Barometric sensor & E Cell Timer delay with external power source.

    The 5 examples highlighted in the clip recovered from at least 1982.
    Example 2 recovered on two occasions 1984 and 1986, appears very sophisticated devices were being manufactured and used.
    Example 4 is reliant on someone actually boarding an aircraft which has another leg to fly.
    Example 5 of Autumn Leaves 1988 looks completely out of place even antiquated when viewed at the methods being used as far back as 1984.

    No idea where an MST-13 could be associated with any of this even a hopeful grasp at a connection with Toshiba radios.
    Autumn Leaves, there is absolutely no connection there and the whole ‘missing fifth radio’ story even if there was a fifth radio.

    Also CIA Orkin* [Jack Christie] Feb 1988 report states about MST-13, page 7;
    “Because the battery is stuffed in haphazardly with no insulation or protection, the bare wire/battery joints might contact a circuit element. This could cause the timer to fire early, late, immediately, or perhaps never.”

    Within the foot notes of the Report of the President’s Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism, 15 May 1990 there are many notes of known and recovered devices.

    Also same source as the youtube clip;
    “Bombers, Hijackers, Body Scanners, And Jihadists”
    Billie H Vincent
    Page 189
    “Only the U.S. intelligence system, including the CIA, did its job adequately, the commission said.”


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