The Chronology of PT/35(b): 8-22 July 1991

8-22 July 1991 (Feraday’s query re DP/11)

On 8 July Feraday sent a memo to the SIO re DP/11 (a copy of the memo was obtained
at Dstl). In the memo Feraday stated that in examining DP/11 it was obvious to him
that it did not originate from PT/35(b) because PT/35(b) was 1.6mm thick, whereas
DP/11 was only 1.0mm thick; PT/35(b) had green solder mask applied on one side,
DP/11 was white (translucent) with no solder masks; and the former was 9 layers of
glass cloth whereas the latter only had 6.

DP-35 Page 4

DP-35 Page 4

In a memo from DC Entwistle (D7899) to the SIO dated 15 July 1991 he states that
8 and 9 July 1991 were fully taken up with the research anomaly regarding DP/11,
and it is suggested that DCI Bell had given the SIO full details of this.

A request for information was made to D&G regarding Feraday’s memo. Its response
was to refer to Allan Worroll’s statement S5586 and his description of having repotted
and re-ground DP/11 (see 11 April 1990, above). D&G stated that Worroll’s
work removed some of the layers from DP/11 which was why Feraday questioned its
origin – it is suggested that when Feraday examined the item he was not aware of the
grinding process.

It is stated that in response to Feraday’s query, Bell and Williamson visited Ferranti on 11 July 1991 and arranged for further scanning and photography on DP/11 on 16 July 1991 by Ian Barber (on this occasion it was DS Lanford-Johnson and DC McManus that went to Ferranti (Langford Johnson’s notebooks were productions at trial (1765 and 1766), but they stop in April 1991)), and this was done a to confirm the presence of tin and lead for the benefit of Mr Feraday.

There are apparently no statements for this visit, but it is consistent with the
RARDE movement records, which record DP/11 as having been despatched by Feraday
on 9/7/91 and received back by him on 22/7/91. D&G’s letter also enclosed document D7900, a memo relating to the visit to Ferranti. At interview with the Commission Mr Feraday was asked about the concerns he raised about DP/11 and confirmed that he had not known at the time he sent the memo that DP/11 had been ground down (see appendix
of Commission interviews).

Note also that there are records in the SEM photograph log book and job register
recording SEM photos of DP/11 taken around this time (see appendix to chapter 6).

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