The Chronology of PT/35(b): 10 July 1991

10 July 1991

According to a police memorandum from DC Entwistle to the SIO dated 15 July
1991, on 10 July Allen Feraday produced a copy of the CIA report on the Chad device
(prod 285 at trial) obtained from R Seaney, head of ECI Division. Feraday
apparently said Seaney was unable to find the similar document relating to the Togo
timer (prod 284) but 15 minutes later Seaney asked Feraday to his office and
produced a copy of that timer report. It appears from the memo that Seaney held
those reports and that his departmental electronics engineer, Jim Finlay, had access to


The memo states that Feraday said that “in the early days” Feraday had asked Finlay if he had any knowledge of timers/PCB of green variety which was answered
in the negative. Feraday felt that if the documents had been available to him at the
time it would have been possible to identify PT/35 and its “obvious source” some 14/15 months previous to the date of the memo. A document referred to in the memo suggested that the Chad device report had been sent to Seaney around 10 January 1986. This is a matter discussed with Mr Feraday at interview with the Commission  (see appendix of witness interviews).

The memo also records that, based on the photos Thurman had showed Feraday on 22
June 1990, it was apparent that at that stage Thurman knew about the CIA’s Togo
timer report and presumably also the Chad device report which names MEBO.

The memo records that Feraday recalled studying the photo and attempting to read MEBO
on the device and that he discussed this point with Thurman and decided that it most
likely read MEBQ. Thurman made no comment yet was in possession “of the true

Again this was discussed with Feraday at interview with the Commission (see appendix of witness interviews).

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One Response to The Chronology of PT/35(b): 10 July 1991

  1. Craig says:

    Just when I thought this whole thing couldn’t get any worse……of course right on cue, the discredited known fabricator and institutionalised liar Feraday OBE turns up.

    For over 15 months investigating the most serious terrorist matter known at that time in the UK, Feraday didn’t talk to, discuss, or attend any tea breaks, in-house meetings, lab meetings, daily meetings, weekly meetings, monthly meetings, quarter meetings, 6 monthly meetings, annual meetings.
    Domestic inter-agency meetings, Northern Ireland meetings, International inter-agency meetings.

    Apparently, all of the above was not known to Feraday OBE in 1985,86,87,88,89,90,91
    Feraday lived and worked in a bubble away from everyone in RARDE and any other individual or party known to mankind.

    In the Commission’s view it is more notable that despite Mr Thurman’s apparent knowledge of the possible connection to MEBO, he made no mention of it at the meeting with Scottish officers on 22 June 1990, even during the discussions about the lettering on the timer which it was suggested might read “MEBQ”.

    At interview with the Commission Mr Feraday expressed the strong view that Mr Thurman had known more at that meeting than he had disclosed and in the Commission’s view Mr Feraday’s impression may well have been correct.

    Touché Feraday !
    If one were handing out points for lying, I’d call this a score draw between Feraday & Thurman but defo +1 to the OBE character for the effort of getting the SCCRC on-side and their acknowledgement.


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