How MI6 was told of Stasi spy who supplied the [Lockerbie] timer(s)

From: The Herald, 1 February 2001
by Paul Harris

“The problem with the Lockerbie trial has been that the man who supplied the timer for the bomb which brought down the aircraft was never put on trial. Western intelligence agencies knew of the activities of Edwin Bollier as far back as 1971. The envelope which should have brought Edwin Bollier’s career to an end — he was then an agent for the Stasi East German intelligence — was handed to MI6 in the summer of 1971. I know because I handed the envelope containing the evidence to “W”, my MI6 controller, retired Perth Detective Superintendent, in an office in Guild Street, Aberdee”

You can read the rest of the article here.


PS/ I understand that the Swiss Authorities have about 35 (4″) folders of documents about Mr Bollier and I am told that they have recorded more than 1800 of his phone calls. But then again, no one knew that he was working with and for some “organizations”? Only a child… Maybe, just maybe, there is a reason why a Swiss Inspector [Hans Knaus] suspected the CIA of having planted PT/35(b)?

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