Erwin Meister’s Trip to Tulliallan

On April 10 & 11 1991, Erwin Meister went to Scotland to meet DI Williamson. He had – of course – received “Guarantee of safe passage out of the country”.





Today, I will give you the following statement from Herr Meister.

“Bollier’s letter to Azzedin. I wrote that letter. As a matter of security, we added a phrase saying that we sold the timer to Lebanon. The letter was delivered to the brother of Abdel Lati at the airport in Zurich and this was done in cooperation with the Swiss police as a matter of security for us. I delivered the letter personally.”

Regards, Ludwig

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7 Responses to Erwin Meister’s Trip to Tulliallan

  1. Scott says:

    Lebanon? And who did they need to seek security from?


  2. Craig says:

    Thank you for the update.
    Noted the cooperation with the Swiss police and look forward to any further information with regard to Herr Meister.
    I think it’s so obvious the Swiss and other authorities are heavily compromised in this whole matter, not only can nobody blink, nobody can blink first [the truth will be told with or without the various crooked and lying police].

    Watched the recent PBS, Ken Dornstein film.
    Sincerely offer my condolences to the gentlemen who is obviously suffering from his loss.

    I was surprised the film claimed the motivation of Lockerbie in December 1988 was that Libya had been bombed by the US in early 1986.
    Doesn’t make any sense to me.
    Also amazed no air time was given to the US shoot down of an Iranian airliner July 1988 killing 270 innocent people.
    It’s almost as if in Ken Dornsteins movie that this event did not happen.

    One of the real issues were with the two failed former investigators – Marquise & SIO Henderson.
    Why o why are these two still sought for any truthful or accurate information ?

    SIO Henderson was also provided the availability to [dis]grace the screens of STV Scotland and other channels, promoting their only game in town and then chose to recite a list of names of former Libyan officials.
    Not a word of ‘evidence’ was provided by this failed former police officer, just ‘the bad guys did it’

    Look forward to SIO Henderson providing a full and frank interview on EVERY part of the Lockerbie investigation, not just the parts which suit the failed former Scottish police officer.


  3. Craig says:

    Q That’s a sample we understand that was removed in February of 1990 at the premises of New England Laminates?

    A That’s correct, sir.

    Q And you were there when that happened?

    A I was.

    Q Which part of the printed circuit board fragment was that sample taken from?

    A A part directly above the main land on the board, sir. The top of the board, if you like.


    Q There’s a depiction rather like a figure “1″ on the fragment?

    A That’s what I referred to as a land, sir.

    Q That’s the land. And so 415 is a section removed from above the land?

    A That’s correct, sir, yes.

    Q And 419, is that a sample which was removed in Germany?

    A That’s correct, sir, yes.

    Q And that’s from a little bit further down?

    A That’s a sample which was taken to include all three metallic areas of the circuit board,

    Q Thank you. I wonder if you could then just help us by looking at two photographs, which
    will be shown on your screen.
    These are in Production 181.
    And I am hoping to look at photograph 334.

    Now, do you recognise what we see in that photograph?

    A I do, sir, yes.

    Q What is it?

    A That is a fragment of printed circuit [2987] board, which is labelled PT/35 (b).

    Q And are we viewing it there before either of the two samples I’ve asked you to look at
    were removed?

    A We are, sir, yes.

    Q And if you next look at photograph 336. Do we see a view, firstly, showing the fragments
    in the upper portion of the photograph and then a circuit board below it?

    A We do, sir, yes.

    Q And you can see that the circuit board below is designed DP/347 (a)?


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