Today marks the six month anniversary of our blog. Time really flies when you are having fun! Once again I wish to thank all the readers for their kindness and their contributions. The blog is still obviously very young but it is growing. The number of hits this week is about five time what it was in July. And, as we learned yesterday, there is still much work to be done. So keep calm and… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


Here is a couple of emails exchanged between Richard Marquise (Former FBI agent who led the US side of the Lockerbie Investigation) and myself on September 6 2008.

“I think the timer [PT/35(b)] is a fabrication.” (Email to RAM 06/09/2008)

“I really have to disagree on the timer fragment as unless there is a big, big conspiracy–involving the Scottish police and the FBI and the CIA and lots of other people–why can we not agree it was found the way it was claimed?  I saw the supposed evidence card which was changed from cloth to debris. Without answering exactly what happened as I do not know–I know that when the fragment was found, no one knew what it was not even where it was–it was imbedded within cloth.  Now, I have no idea why someone would change the evidence card (I am not sure what to call it but it was a piece of cardboard which documented what the item was and had writing on it) as it seems a simple enough fix–the one piece was a fragment of Yorkie and what was in it was a few other items of debris, one of which was PT-35.  Please tell me what you do not believe about the fragment.” (Email from Marquise 06/09/2008)

Good question. What is it I do not believe about PT/35(b)? Short answer: EVERYTHING.

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3 Responses to PT35B IS 6 MONTH OLD!

  1. Allan Croft says:

    Yes I will tell you ‘DICK’ what I believe about PT/35(b). It was home made in the U.S.A as it’s is the only place in the world to have banned ‘LEAD’ in all household product’s including solder for the P.C.B industry,Tom Thurman with the FAA/F.B.I teams was on site at Lockerbie a few days after the accident and said in his Grand Jury statement Alan Feraday,Stewart Henderson,& Co came to Washington D.C with PT/35(b) in 1990 to put along side the MEBO timer to see if PT/35(b) was the same as the Thuring pcb according to you all it ‘WAS’ the only problem with that is Alan Feraday wrote ‘PURE TIN’ on PT/35(b) on his report & the Thuring PCB is made of tin&lead,in 21/12/ 2009 you said along side with Stewart Henderson PT/35(b) has never been to the F.B.I labs it has NEVER left the UNITED KINGDOM as it could be lost/stolen/played with so who not telling the ‘TRUTH’ hear. Q,Has it ever been or has not been in the lab of ‘James Thomas Thurman’ in Washington D.C i await your answer forthwith.


    • Morag says:

      Bear in mind that pure tin electroless plating is commonly used worldwide by amateurs producing only one or a couple of boards and populating them immediately. Williamson noted that the coating on PT/35b was consistent with this process. The anomaly for me is the odd combination of professional manufacturing features such as the stamped-out curve (as opposed to being sawn with a hacksaw as an amateur would do), and the amateur liquid tin process used for the tinning layer.

      I don’t think it dates it, because liquid tin has been the favoured method of amateurs for many years, but it does look very much as if the PT/35b board was made as a deliberate faked copy of the Thuring boards. I mean, who would copy that pointless green solder resist coating (on the reverse side only) if they were just cobbling together another timer for use? So they got it all right, 9-layer fibreglass, green coating, the lot, then just dipped it in liquid tin rather than putting it through the industrial alloy tinning process. Careless.


  2. Craig says:

    Thank you and best for next 6 months.

    The reasons I view and contribute to this site is from early on I realised it would be based on;
    [1] Scientific research
    [2] Transparency at it’s core
    [3] Might is NOT Right.

    Regardless of what anyone believes in and their rightfully views on this subject matter.
    I can’t help but look at the 1-3 list above and think the Lockerbie Case investigation had at it’s core the exact opposite direction and descriptors.

    One only needs to reference above Marquise email response. The first sentence is to mention the C word……….conspiracy and suggest anyone not believing is mad.

    The unfortunate fact for Marquise, Henderson et al is even the partisan Scottish Court did not believe the Baset & Fhimha conspiracy by Marquise & Henderson, Scottish Crown.
    Scottish Crown subsequently changed and amended both the indictment and the offence.

    Even your own side did not believe you, why O why would you continue to believe that anyone else would ?

    To put this in to context –
    Marquise & Henderson put forward a conspiracy of Malta-Frankfurt-Heathrow.
    Of course the major problem is without a shred of evidence.

    Folks, if anyone else suggested such a stupid and obviously unworkable act, we would be called ‘conspiracy theories’ but these failed investigators not only continue to receive government pensions but also disgrace our TV screens.


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