When asked if THURING had actually produced the boards he was shown in Court, Bonfadelli replied that he could not say. A few minutes later, Turnbull returned and questioned him about the watermark on the boards… I believe that this is very interesting. Let us start with the facts. An analysis will follow.


 Mr. Bonfadelli, are you able to say that the two circuit boards, 431 and 432, were produced by your firm, or are you not able to say that?

A   I can say that they conform to the order we had. But whether indeed they were produced in that company or not, I cannot say.


Q   Did the boards used by Thuring carry a watermark, Mr. Bonfadelli?

A   Well, at that time we normally used the basic material of some Swiss firm, and it had a watermark. That is correct.

Q   Yes. Did the watermark carried by Thuring boards have writing?

A   Yes. Normally it would be the name of that company in Switzerland.

Q   Do you remember what the watermark said now?

A   In the watermark, it said “S” and then “I” and a “D” in capital letters.

Q  And what shape was it?

A   It was in an oval ring.

Q   Thank you.

DP/114 (Flipped vertically)

DP/114 (Flipped vertically)

DP/124-03 (Flipped vertically)

DP/124-03 (Flipped vertically)


Question 1: Where did Turnbull learn about this “SIB watermark” and the Swiss company producing the boards for THURING AG? I have never read anything about it. Herr Bollier  did not know anything about this watermark according to an email he sent me some time ago. John Ashton does not appear to know about it and he KNOWS everything that was passed to the defence team. (And more, of course!) The FBI did not request any information about it in its letter requesting assistance from Switzerland (18/10/1990) despite their request being very thorough.

Question 2: Don’t you think that it would have been a good and obvious place to start if the CIA (and later the FBI ) really wanted to trace the origin of the TOGO timer? (NB: DP/124 is the TOGO timer.) There is not a single reference to this watermark either in the CIA report nor the FBI report about K1 (the TOGO timer). And to the best of my knowledge, neither Dr Hayes nor Feraday ever noticed it. I am quite sure that Feraday’s report does not mention it.

Obviously, our goal is simple. One needs to find someone who was working for this company who can tell when (and perhaps how) they improved the adhesion of the copper to the board. To be continued.

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  1. Craig says:

    Can’t wait for the ‘someone’ to spill the beans, I know it’s gonna happen.
    As night follows day, the truth will out.
    Keep going and never ever stop till the whole truth is laid out.

    Everyone, particularly the suffering families deserve the truth.
    Folks will now see how their Government and Agencies distorted the facts to provide a spoon-fed story of the ‘bad guys’ did it.

    What we are looking at here is without doubt the most fraudulent prosecutions of modern times.
    Easily the largest fraudulent Scottish Crown cases’ ever, destroying Scots Law if not forever at least for generations.
    Lets not forget, it is the corrupt officials involved that should be doing a 30 year stretch.

    I agree with Marquise on this point, if anyone dealt with, used fabricated information and fabricated evidence to fit up an innocent person, those people need to go to jail Richard.

    Recent PBS Documentary – Part 2 @ 50:20 mins

    Brian Murtagh: “You could torture him and he still tell the same……story”
    Obviously, Brian Murtagh is a signed up member of the US ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’. This is the measure of the man.

    Ken Dorsntein: “You wanted Bollier”
    Stuart Henderson: ” Yeah I….to be honest, I wasn’t satisfied, I wanted so desperately to get Bollier and so desperately to get the Libyans”

    The aforementioned 2-3 minutes of film describe what was and is wrong with the Lockerbie investigation.

    Scottish police officer SIO Henderson sole and ‘desperate’ admission ‘to get the Libyans’.


    • Morag says:

      Easily the largest fraudulent Scottish Crown cases’ ever, destroying Scots Law if not forever at least for generations.

      Ever is a long time. You want to look at some of the show trials during the witchcraft frenzy in the 17th century. Then there was the trial of James of the Glen for the murder of Colin Campbell (the Red Fox) in 1752. More recently, consider the 1909 conviction of Oscar Slater for the murder of Marion Gilchrist.

      It seems to me that the political nature of prosecutors and the judiciary hasn’t been expunged since these historical times. The presumption of innocence is a polite legal fiction, and if they’re out to get you, they’ll get you. I live here, and sometimes it worries the hell out of me, even though my brushes with the law have been confined to the odd speeding ticket.


      • Craig says:

        Hi Morag

        No worries, just to be crystal clear, I could not care a jot with regard to the corrupt Scottish legal ‘profession’ including the lying gadgee’s at the Scottish Crown office, who are now collecting an SNP government cheque to continue these lies and cover up.

        One of the most worrying parts of your post is your obvious fear of the police and government institutions.

        How can that be progress ?


      • Morag says:

        I’m not really afraid. Most of the Scottish criminal justice system is reasonably fair and honest. Very few people will experience the sort of vendetta experienced by Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, Shirley McKie, David Asbury, Oscar Slater, James Stewart and James Mitchel – and no doubt some others over the decades.

        It’s a bit like getting on a plane, with the background knowledge of PA103, IR655, MH17 and so on. You know it’s highly unlikely to happen to you, but you still know it happens.


  2. LittleSwan says:

    Sibalco, Basel????? Just a guess


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