PT/35(b) TIMELINE PART VI: 1999/2000 Enquiries

Further scientific enquiries were conducted in 1999 and 2000, at the instigation of the
Crown. These enquiries were conducted by Allen Feraday and Kim Simpson at
RARDE, by Dr Clive Reeves, then of Edinburgh University, and by a team of
scientists from Dundee University. The Dundee and Edinburgh examinations appear
to have been in response to comments made by Bollier during his Crown
precognition; and the RARDE examination was in response to allegations made in a
Dispatches documentary. There was also an examination of the item at Strathclyde
police. There was also an expert forensic report commissioned by the defence.

RARDE PT/35((b)

RARDE PT/35((b)

Details from the movement records re PT/35(b) for 1999-2000 are:

18 March 1999
Taken by Stryjewski and K Bell to RARDE for examination by Feraday on
instruction of Crown Office.

31 March 1999
Returned to D&G.

30 July 1999
Out to Strathclyde police on instructions of Crown.

3 August 1999

2 September 1999
Conveyed by Stsyjewski + 1 to Forensic lab at Strathclyde, receipt 73 refers.

10 September 1999
Returned by Stryjewski and Caldow from Forensic Science Lab.

14 September 1999
Out to Crown – Bollier – by Sutton. Returned the same day.

15 September 1999
Drawn from safe at inst of D Harvie to show to Bollier. Returned to safe the same

16 September 1999
Mr Harvie requests sight of fragment for Bollier interview. Taken and returned.

17 September 1999
At request of Mr Harvie fragment taken to PF office for Bollier to see. Returned the
same day.

18 September 1999
Fragment taken to be shown to Lumpert, returned the same day.

24 September 1999
At request of DCI Williamson item shown to Dr Reeves, returned to safe the same

7 October 1999
PT/35(b) and DP/31 taken to Dr Reeves laboratory.

8 October 1999

9 October 1999
Item drawn to show witness Meister at request of PF Watson. [Writing looks like it
might say the item was returned the same day, which would be consistent with other records.]

6 December 1999
Item drawn for examination by NI Forensic team – defence. Returned the same day.

7 December 1999
Drawn for examination by NI Forensic team. [Some wording after this is not clear,
but presumably the fragment was returned the same day.]

1 March 2000
PT/35(b) and DP/31 to Dundee University. [No record of its return.]

9 March 2000
PT/35(b) and DP/31 to Dundee University.

10 March 2000
PT/35(b) and DP/31 returned.

15 March 2000
SPFSL D200 GE [This is shorthand for Strathclyde Police Forensic Science
Laboratory; D200 is a receipt number and the initials GE presumably relate to
Graham Edwards (see notes on Strathclyde Police examination below).]

7 April (2000 or 2001?)
Returned. It is not clear what the year is, as the copy cuts it off. Presumably it relates
to the return of the fragment from Strathclyde police, presumably the date is 2000 as
the Strathclyde report is dated 11 April 2000.

Basically the above confirms that the fragment was examined

by Feraday in March 1999;

by Strathclyde forensic lab in July/August and September 1999;

by the witnesses Bollier, Meister and Lumpert during their Crown precognitions in September/October 1999;

by Dr Reeves in September/October 1999;

by the NI experts for the defence in December 1999;

by the Dundee experts for the Crown in March 2000;

and by Strathclyde forensic lab again in March/April 2000.

To be continued.

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