PT/35(b) TIMELINE – PART VI. Strathclyde Police Examination

Strathclyde Police examination

The statement of Graham Edwards (S5713A) records that he delivered PT/35(b) and
other productions, including DP/84 (the Togo timer) and other control sample circuit
boards, to Eric Stewart, head of Chemistry at the Police Lab, Strathclyde police, on 30
July 1999 at the request of a fiscal. The statement of Styjewski (S1138AY) records him
uplifting the fragment and other productions from the police laboratory, Pitt Street on
3 August 1999. His next HOLMES statement, S1138AZ, records that he and Stuart
Cossar took the fragment and others to the Forensic Science Lab, Glasgow, and
handed them to Mr Donald Cameron, Forensic scientist on 2 September 1999.

There are no HOLMES statements of Cameron to record the purpose of this. Stryjeski’s
statement (S1138BB) records that he uplifted the fragment and other productions from
the lab on 10 September 99 along with Constable Caldow. It states that the
productions were there for forensic examination.


It is not clear what the purpose was in taking the fragments to Strathclyde police in
July/August and September 1999. However, the resubmission of the items in March
2000 (recorded in the movement record but in relation to which no HOLMES
statements have been found) was again at the instance of a fiscal and a HOLMES
action form relating to that resubmission records that MST circuit boards were
delivered to Mr Stewart on 16 March 2000 by DS Edwards. The action form states
that Mr Stewart is to “examine all MST boards which have curved sections removed
from the corners. He is to consider what type of tool may have been used & whether
the corners have been hand cut. Mr Stewart also to provide details of the examination
he carried out in September 1999.” The action is written off to the effect that Mr
Stewart is submitting details of his findings direct to the instructing fiscal at Crown

Crown production 1825 is a report by Stewart and Cameron dated 11 April 2000
although the reference number at the top appears to be a 1999 reference and therefore
might also relate to the submission in 1999. The report records control sample MST
circuit boards DP/118 and DP/348 (which comprises 3 boards, 2 of which had cut
corners) as having curves in the corners that were formed poorly and all showing an
irregular edge, whereas the board in DP/347 (which contained only 3 of the 4 boards
recorded on the label, only one of which had cut corners) had curves cut at the corners
that were well-formed and had none of the irregularities seen in DP/118 and DP/348.

The report concludes that the curve on PT/35(b) was “well-formed with none of the
irregularities that were seen on circuit boards DP/118 and DP/348”. In short it seems
that, as regards circuit boards where the corners were cut, PT/35(b) was more similar
to the board in DP/347 than the other boards.

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2 Responses to PT/35(b) TIMELINE – PART VI. Strathclyde Police Examination

  1. Craig says:

    This appears the same issue as previously noted.
    Not requesting but demanding individuals reinvestigate something they have already done and looking for a different answer.

    Not only are these flawed endeavours and instructions being paid for by UK tax payers, it highlights and confirms these people at the Crown Office have absolutely no professional experience, not a remote idea of what their playing at. No direction. No strategy.

    One of the most worrying aspects is the pressurizing, demanding and somewhat bullying nature of the Crown Office.

    These folks have already reported but that wasn’t good enough so go back and ‘report again’ and maybe that will be good enough.
    You can see the report again culture until it provides a match to the outcome of the corrupt investigation.

    The Scottish Crown Office and these ‘fiscals’ are completely out of control.
    In Scotland there is no transparency, no regulation.
    Nobody knows who these people are or what they do.

    For any international viewers of this website:
    Check out the following website with regard to Scotland and the medieval judicial system operated by a very select few taking care of the interests of the select.

    You will also notice the support and links with [former Solicitor] FM Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish Judiciary and the Church of Scotland.

    The website is called the The Justice Diary of Scotland

    Clearly a law upon themselves.


  2. Morag says:

    Are we sure these (re)examinations weren’t something requested by the defence? It would have been very much to the advantge of the defence if the corners had been sawn off rather than stamped off.


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