In a recent post ( DP/10 : Evidence of Fabricated Proof? ), I told you that I had uncovered old evidence that PT/35(b) had been produced at a later time that the THURING boards used in the MST-13 Timers built by MEBO and supplied to Libya in 85/86.

The argument is rather easy to follow. In the very late 80’s and well into the 90’s, the industry modified the production of the copper and the laminating process to improve the adhesion of the copper to the board. The characteristics of the copper on PT/35(b) reflect this improvement.

As I have written before, I have some reason to believe that this copper was not produced before the end of 1989. If true, it would be proof that PT/35(b) was fabricated AFTER the Lockerbie tragedy. It would also destroy the “legend” that PT/35(b) was examined by Dr Hayes and Feraday in May 1989!

Here is the first question we need to answer. Who supplied the Copper Clad Laminates to THURING AG?

In another recent post (WITNESS: URS BONFADELLI ), I told you that the board from the TOGO timer clearly shows a watermark logo: SIB in an oval shape.

DP/124-03 (Flipped vertically)

DP/124-03 (Flipped vertically)

I believed that this was a good place to begin our investigation. As I have written before:

“Don’t you think that it would have been a good and obvious place to start if the CIA (and later the FBI ) really wanted to trace the origin of the TOGO timer? (NB: DP/124 is the TOGO timer.) There is not a single reference to this watermark either in the CIA report nor the FBI report about K1 (the TOGO timer). And to the best of my knowledge, neither Dr Hayes nor Feraday ever noticed it. I am quite sure that Feraday’s report does not mention it.”

According to a well-informed source, THURING AG always ordered the Copper Clad Laminates from a Swiss branch of ISOLA: Schweizerische Isolawerke AG in Breitenbach. (SIB)

To be continued… Obviously!



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  1. George Thomson says:

    The FBI Report dated 20th August 1990 on K1 does mention a mark in ovals they claim is 21B. ???


  2. Craig says:

    Young Thurman copied all this from CIA report Feb 1988;

    “Because the battery is stuffed in haphazardly, with no insulation or protection, the bare wire battery joints might contact a circuit element.
    This could cause the timer to fire early, late, immediately, or perhaps not at all.
    The device examined (specimen K-l) had no safe arm delay, no energy storage circuit, no Low voltage detector, and no booby traps.

    [This is in the original CIA report but omitted on release] – Special photography techniques were utilized on specimen K-l to identify the number/letter “21B” which is contained within the figure of an oval. The number/letter appears in the upper left quadrant of the circuit board, within the laminate and not on the surface of the board.
    This identification was added during the manufacturing process, and may offer a code to identify the source of this board.”

    This is added to the FBI report;

    It should be noted, however, that the company which applied the actual printed circuit, may not be the company which manufactured the green circuit board.”

    “ADDITIONAL special photography techniques were also utilized to recover a set of partially eradicated letter/numbers combination “M580″, which appeared on the second, and smaller, circuit board.”

    Essentially, one cannot apply simultaneous ‘special’ photography when also referring to a supposed previous 2 year report.


  3. George Thomson says:

    If you are thinking what I am thinking it goes to show that the could not even get a simple “fit up” right.


  4. Scott says:

    It doesn’t take an expert or special photography to tell it isn’t marked “21B”.

    Latest developments from Scotland’s Crown Office —

    Are they getting concerned Operation Sandelwood is going to prove a number of JFMs allegations and want a couple of new Libyans to use as suspects. I seriously doubt there will be any new trial. There official story has more holes than Swiss cheese.


    • Morag says:

      Short answer, I think yes.

      I have some reason to think that Sandwood may have to postpone its report date yet again, into next year. I could be wrong but it’s what I think. My impression is they may still have too much to do to make the 2015 delivery date, and these guys are thorough and conscientious and will go on longer if they have to, to do a proper job.

      Nevertheless Mulholland must be feeling the date creeping up. And since Ken Dornstein went public he probably felt he had to do something. All he’s actually done is tell the press (that is, his tame mouthpiece Magnus Linklater) that he’d quite like to arrest the guys Dornstein fingered in his film, if only he could get near them (which he can’t).

      They say talk is cheap, but that’s as cheap as it gets.


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